Independent pharmacies can benefit from patient apps through NPA

10 Mar 2020

Two digital healthcare companies have become National Pharmacy Association business partners, helping independent pharmacies to improve medicines use and meet consumer demand for mobile health apps.

MedAdvisor and Healthera provide smartphone apps that allow community pharmacies to complement, via a digital platform, the face-to-face dialogue that takes place on the pharmacy premises.

MedAdvisor has been endorsed by NPA as the recommended digital medication management platform for community pharmacies. MedAdvisor was founded in Australia in 2013, and now operates it’s tried and tested solutions in the USA and Asia. MedAdvisor is tackling the global issue of medication non-adherence and poor health literacy to drive improved health outcomes for patients by making medication manageable.

They are now getting ready to launch their market leading app in the UK. Their solution will provide an automated pre-populated drug list so it is quick, easy and convenient for the patient to order repeat prescriptions from their GP. Key features to save pharmacy teams time include automation of patient generated repeat prescription requests being sent to GPs and automated reminders to prompt patients when their medication is ready to collect.

Healthera has been operating in the UK since 2016 and has been listed on the NHS Apps Library. It too helps patients to manage their repeat prescriptions and medication, book appointments and contact their pharmacist for clinical advice. The digital connection adds to the convenience of the pharmacy service and helps to optimise medicines use.

Harpreet Chana, Digital Consultant for the NPA said: “The NPA wants to ensure that all of its independent pharmacy members can mobilise digital technology to improve patient care. The NHS has clearly signalled its aspiration to give patients more control over their health care including medicines use. By bringing these two patient app suppliers to our members, we are helping set independent pharmacies up for further digitally enabled care in the future.”

Jamal Butt, CEO of MedAdvisor UK said: “We are delighted that the NPA has endorsed MedAdvisor as the recommended pharmacy supplier for the UK independent pharmacy market. MedAdvisor is all about empowering people with their health so they live healthier lives, and this partnership with the NPA provides a great opportunity to help step change medication adherence across the UK. We bring value to patients using innovative technology solutions and we look forward to forging new partnerships with independent pharmacies across the UK.”

Quintus Liu, CEO of Healthera said: “As the UK’s largest technology platform for pharmacies and GPs, Healthera has enabled pharmacies to go the extra mile for their patients. We hope our partnership with the NPA will help us to support even more community pharmacies to retain and grow their patient base.”

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