New briefing document about ‘efficiencies’ in community pharmacy

22 Jan 2016

Department of Health has issued a new briefing document about ‘efficiencies’ in community pharmacy.

NPA Chairman, Ian Strachan, commented today on a Department of Health briefing document issued this week about ‘efficiencies’ in community pharmacy.  The DH describes the document, in the form of a slide set, as “our vision for community pharmacy, and outline proposals for achieving that vision” and invites comments from stakeholders.


Ian Strachan said:

“There is a flat and glaring contradiction in the Department of Health’s position: it calls for community pharmacy to be at the heart of the NHS, then tells us how it plans to wrench the heart out of the sector.

“It’s appalling for patients, appalling for pharmacy and appalling for the NHS.  That’s as clear as day to me.  Maybe the view is different from an ivory tower in Whitehall.

“The promoters of this nonsense are either blind to the long term consequences, or they see it perfectly clear and just don’t care.  Either way, we have to stand together and fight this every step of the way.

“The document refers to ‘clinical pharmacists’ in GP practices, in care homes and at the end of a phone line.  Never once does it acknowledge that there is any clinical capability in the community pharmacy setting.  That is a slur, and I am personally offended by this unfavourable comparison.

“This is  a jumble of proposals based on conjecture, not based on evidence and not grounded in the front line reality”.


NPA members and others can hear more from Ian Strachan at a forthcoming NPA webinar on Cuts & ‘Efficiencies’ in Community Pharmacy.