New monthly survey of Scottish pharmacy team members who are self-isolating or shielding

19 Jan 2021

CPS Board are keen to understand the extent of pharmacy teams who are required to self-isolate or shield during the pandemic and will be surveying all contractors on a monthly basis from January.

During last year, CPS surveyed samples of contractors on the number of days that were being impacted by employed members of their pharmacy teams being required to self-isolate or shield due to the coronavirus pandemic. This information was used to inform CPS funding discussions on the impact of the pandemic on the pharmacy network.

CPS will widen this survey to all Scottish contractors in the form of an online survey which will be emailed to all Scottish pharmacy contractors on a monthly basis from January 29th. Information on employed pharmacists and non-pharmacist team members, absent from the workplace due to shielding or self-isolation in each month will be gathered, again for the purpose of informing CPS discussions.