NPA webinar on Cuts and ‘efficiencies’ now online

28 Jan 2016

Webinar on Cuts and ‘efficiencies’ in Community Pharmacy now available to watch online.

The NPA webinar on Cuts and ‘Efficiencies’ in Community Pharmacy, which took place on Monday 25 January at 7pm, is now available to watch online.

The webinar presented by NPA Chairman, Ian Strachan; Board Member, Mike Hewitson and NPA’s Head of Communications , Stephen Fishwick; detailed the Governments proposals for funding cuts and ‘efficiencies’ and what this actually means for community pharmacy.

During the session Mike Hewitson explained that the proposals represent a big change to the sector with some opportunities which we need to understand further. Mike also advised that the direct cuts are not the only measure to be concerned about, the additional ‘jumble of ideas’ could potentially be more painful than the funding cuts alone.

These ‘jumble of ideas’ included:

Click & Collect

The Government are looking at pharmacy as a retail distribution channel, which is just wrong.

Mike believes that pharmacy actually already does what the Government wants it to do, it just doesn’t know it yet – to evidence this NPA members are urged to complete our short survey detailing the services your pharmacy offers.

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Hub & Spoke

It is important for members to be able to change the model and not have it imposed on them, the NPA is undertaking a review of the implications of Hub & Spoke to community pharmacy and encourages all members to contribute to this review by taking part in our short survey.

Take part in our Hub & Spoke survey


More clinical pharmacy service

Designed to accelerate integration of clinical pharmacy skills into community pharmacy practice.


Reduced number of pharmacies

We all know that every pharmacy is different, and that geography is not the only factor for patients in choosing when and where to go. Choice is important, it drives competition – which leads to better services for patients and the public.


Stephen Fishwick also encouraged viewers to get involved and support us to change the direction of the Government proposals by doing the following:

New details about the cuts are constatntly emerging and NPA members are encouraged to register for campaign updates in order to stay up to date.


Watch the Cuts and ‘efficiencies’ webinar