Pro Delivery Manager can alert pharmacy delivery drivers to people isolating for coronavirus

13 Mar 2020

NPA members using Pro Delivery Manager (PDM) can use the functionality to flag to delivery drivers if the patient they are delivering to is in isolation because of coronavirus.


PDM will also give the driver a default delivery note which will give instructions by the pharmacist on how to adhere to their standard operating procedure. For example this could be to ‘leave in porch and ring the patient to advise’.

Ali Sparkes, of The Health Dispensary in Neath, South Wales said:

“We’ve been using PDM for a number of years now. We started thinking about what we could do to support our customers and protect our delivery drivers because the outbreak of the coronavirus and all the concerns around that. We’ve got a flag on the system that alerts us to a person that is self-isolating. That means it comes up on the phone when the delivery driver is going out and alerts them to the situation. Then we can make arrangements to either leave the parcel in the porch or in a convenient location and make sure its picked up safely while keeping everybody safe.”

PDM is a delivery tracking app for both Android and iOS which will enable you to set up a delivery service, developed by Gary Jones, the owner of an independent pharmacy.

Watch Ali Sparkes talk about PDM :


Below are some screenshots demonstrating how this functionality works: