Pro Delivery Manager can help identify those shielded patients in England receiving the ‘Community Pharmacy Home Delivery Service’.

29 Apr 2020

NPA members using Pro Delivery Manager (PDM) can use the functionality to record the ‘Advanced Service’ deliveries. The PDM delivery data may aid with your Advanced Service claim/s submitted under the ‘Community Pharmacy Home Delivery Service’.

Including a ‘Delivery Notification’ to a delivery:

PDM can provide the driver with a default delivery notification set by the pharmacy with an instruction on how to adhere to your standard operating procedure. Example:  ‘knock/ ring door, stand back 2 metres and advise patient of delivery’.

Search by patient name, select patient and use edit tab to insert instruction to driver and save changes:

App User view:



Marking the ‘Advanced Service’ Delivery:

Search shielded patient by name, select ‘new delivery’ and type in ‘Advanced’ into delivery reference box:


Reporting on ‘Advance Service’ deliveries:

Identify the ‘Advanced Service’ deliveries made using the ‘All deliveries’ tab, use drop down filter on delivery reference and apply a filter by typing in ‘Advanced’:

Advance Service deliveries can then also be searched for using a periodic filter:

The only way to extract the filtered data is to screen shot the page.