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Supply of Priadel® modified-release tablets 200mg and 400mg

07 Oct 2020

Details on the pause on the withdrawal of Priadel® (lithium carbonate) modified-release tablets 200mg and 400mg

A Supply Disruption Alert (SDA) was issued in August 2020 (see country references below) for Priadel® (lithium carbonate) modified-release tablets 200mg and 400mg stating their discontinuation with remaining supplies of both strengths are expected to be exhausted by April 2021. However, its withdrawal has been paused – on 5 October, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announced it is investigating whether the manufacturer, Essential Pharma, has breached competition law by doing so. This follows a request from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) for ‘interim measures’ to be put in place by the CMA during the current investigation. Several medical bodies and charities have raised serious concerns on the proposed withdrawal, believing that it will impact on patient health and increased costs to the NHS.


What does this mean for community pharmacies?

Community pharmacies should, for the time-being, not expect a disruption in supply of Priadel® (lithium carbonate) modified-release tablets 200mg and 400mg. this is because Essential Pharma has informed DHSC that they will be continuing to supply the drugs during the CMA investigation. However, it should be noted that until the investigation is complete, the threat of withdrawal remains unless an agreement is reached between the parties involved. For more details, please see:


We will be issuing guidance on supporting members in ensuring patients’ treatment with lithium is maintained in due course.


SDA country references


Please contact the Pharmacy Services team for further advice and support: