Urgent action required – Class 2 patient level recall issued for Emerade 500mcg pens

18 May 2020

Pharmaswiss Česka republika s.r.o. (an affiliate of Bausch & Lomb UK Limited) is recalling all unexpired batches of Emerade 500mcg auto-injectors from patients.

(Please note that this is a different alert to that issued on 7 April 2020 for Emerade 300 microgram auto-injectors and 4 March 2020 for Emerade 150 microgram auto-injectors.)

Key actions for pharmacy teams

  1. Identify patients supplied with Emerade 500mcg auto-injectors by the pharmacy.
  2. Inform the patients and/or their carers to request a new prescription from their prescriber to replace each Emerade 500mcg auto-injector with new 300mcg adrenaline auto-injectors in an alternative brand. The alert contains details about suitable alternatives that prescribers can prescribe.


Read the Class 2 recall alert and the MHRA press statement for full details on how to manage this recall with patients while social distancing, self-isolation and shielding measures are in effect.

Access the full details in the alert here.

Access the MHRA press release on this recall here.

Please contact the Pharmacy Services Team for further information if required on 01727891800, or email us at pharmacyservices@npa.co.uk.