Working with our new partners, we are able to offer a much wider range of oral/topical PGD services than before. Some of the PGD services are offered with paper PGD – others are available with the eTool.

The individual oral/topical PGD services in paper format are more favourably priced than in 2020 and we are also offering a Pick ‘n Mix bundle where you can select ten of the paper format PGDs from a choice of 30+. This represents a saving to members of over £157.00 when compared with purchasing ten at the individual price. To view the member and non-member pricing for these packages, click here.

Oral/topical PGD services:

Training included:

The paper PGDs are available without the need to undertake training. However, pharmacists are expected to undertake annual update vaccination training each year and would be required to complete a self-declaration before purchase. Please refer to our training recommendations page.

An online training module is available from ECG Training on request for an additional fee.

The eTool PGDs include online training, as well as marketing and support resources within the price.

In the table below we list the PGD services in paper format and show the medicines contained in the PGD service. You can select from all of these to form your Pick ‘n Mix bundle.

Oral/topical service Medicines Oral/topical service Medicines
Acid reflux Nexium and any generic; Lansoprazole (any generic); Rabeprazole sodium (any generic) Altitiude Sickness Diamox
Back pain Naproxen (any generic) Chlamydia Doxycycline (any generic)
Cold sore Aciclovir (any generic) Conjunctivitis Sodium cromoglicate (any generic); Chloramphenicol (any generic)
Dermatitis Betamethasone Valerate BP Ear infection Otomize
Erectile dysfunction Cialis and any generic; Viagra and any generic; Levitra Facial hair removal Vaniqa and any generic
Fungal infection Daktacort; Daktarin Haemorrhoids Proctosedyl
Hair loss Propecia (and generic) Hay fever Beconase; Dymista; Rhinolast; Fexofenadine hydrochloride (any generic)
Hives Hydroxyzine hydrochloride (any generic); Fexofenadine hydrochloride (any generic) IBS Buscopan
Impetigo Fucidin and any generic Morning after pill Levonorgestrel; Ulipristal acetate
Nausea and sickness Moxolon Oral contraception Combined oral contraceptives (COC), Progesterone only pill
Period delay Norethisterone Period pain Naproxen
Plaque psoriasis Dovonex; Dovobet Premature ejaculation Priligy
Respiratory Salbutamol Rosacea Mirvaso
Scalp Psoriasis Dovobet Smoking cessation Champix; Zyban
Tamiflu Tamiflu Thrush Canesten HC; Daktacolt; Canesten
Urinary incontinence Toviaz; Emselex; Ditropan; Detrumorn; Detrusitol and any generic Weight loss Saxenda and Orlistat (any generic)


In the table below we list the PGD services in eTool format and show the medicines contained in the PGD service.

Oral/topical service Medicines
Acne Treclin
Malaria Mefloquine; Doxycyline; Malarone
Migraine Imigran; Aimovig; Almogran; Relpax; Migard; Naramig; Maxalt; Zomig

From time to time, ECG will offer free PGD services which will be available for you to select in the Checkout screen when you book and purchase your training and PGDs.

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