MedAdvisor has been endorsed by NPA as the recommended digital medication management platform for the UK independent community pharmacy market, which helps patients take medications safely, securely and on time.

      Company Summary The NPA has endorsed MedAdvisor as the recommended digital medication management platform for the UK independent community pharmacy market. Our team are ready to help you get started. Please fill in the expression of interest form below and a representative will be in contact with you shortly.   Our purpose: To improve the way patients can manage their medication, empowering them to feel more in control. Our mission: To address the global issue of medication non-adherence.         Why should members sign up to the MedAdvisor platform?  MedAdvisor is a tried and tested solution being used across the globe, incorporating over 27 years of experience and expertise with the solution and several iterations of learning. The solution has been refined over the years based on feedback from millions of patients Proven ROI resulting in items growth, patient loyalty and improved patient feedback Holistic solution incorporating digital adherence programs that are proven to drive items growth Pathway for NPA members to offset the cost of solution via revenue share from digital adherence programmes (DAPs) operating across their patient base Innovative partner with pipeline of additional patient-friendly features used in other markets to be brought to the UK   Benefits of MedAdvisor for your pharmacy Increased Customer Loyalty: The convenience of MedAdvisor creates increased customer satisfaction and engagement, leading to greater customer loyalty.…'s unique platform enables NHS and Private patients to search, compare and book vaccinations across the UK by searching for their nearest or most convenient pharmacy travel clinic. When GP's don't have the time or they don't provide a travel vaccination service, can provide an alternative service which frees up GP's to see more critical patients.

How can you help our members? Why Join • Connect with more local customers • Connect with commercial businesses (business travellers) • Receive referrals from GP Practices • They support community pharmacies generate new income • They can improve your online presence • It’s FREE to become a Delivery Partner Benefits: • Access to new local customers like Occupational Health Workers, Students and Business Travellers • More vaccination customers • The opportunity to sell other products and services once customers come through your doors • Pharmacies can decide what vaccinations they want to administer and when they want to provide their service • Pharmacies can set their own vaccination and anti-malarial prices. just guide you What is the Process? How to join – As an NPA member you may have already been part-registered by auto-enrolment and received a confirmation email with your username and password. If you haven’t been registered yet, you can complete this registration by visiting Once you’re logged in and have accepted terms and conditions, you can then set up your ‘Pharmacy Profile’. The more information you can provide the better as customers will then be able to search for this information when they are selecting a travel clinic.…

The Pharmacy Centre

The Pharmacy Centre provide a complete online digital solution to over 1500 pharmacies via an App & Website that sync together.

Company Summary: We have been providing digital solutions to pharmacies for over 10 years and have been an NPA Business Partner for nearly as long.  We provide a complete online digital solution to over 1500 pharmacies via an App & Website that sync together. All the content and functionality in your site is also in your App. This includes online repeat ordering, your own e-commerce, white label e-commerce where you receive a profit share without any effort or risk, full support and training, customer marketing, appointment booking, custom sections for Travel Clinics and other PGDs, affiliate income from COVID Testing and Online Doctor services. How can you help our members? We help you reach new customers and serve existing customers digitally through our combined App and Website service. Some customers, particularly older users who may not even have a smartphone and account for the majority of the typical pharmacy customer demographic, prefer to use a pc, mac or chromebook. No other provider offers you an App and Website all in one. You become more visible in search and new and existing customers can order repeats, shop, book appointments via whichever device they prefer. The pharmacy uses one central dashboard to manage customer orders and interactions.  …