PGD Terms & Conditions Acceptance form

  • Pharmacy details

  • NPA PGD Services 2017/18

    A Definitions
    1) Accredited Pharmacist is a qualified pharmacist
    registered with the GPhC or PSNI AND certified to provide PGD Services following successful completion of all relevant training and assessment.
    2) Authorised Users are Accredited Pharmacists enrolled
    onto the PGD Service(s) and authorised by name by the
    PGD provider to provide the PGD(s).
    3) Business Day: any day which is not a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday in the United Kingdom.
    4) Force Majeure means any acts, events, omissions or accidents beyond our reasonable control, including, without limitation, strikes, lock‐outs or other industrial disputes (whether involving the workforce of our PGDs and/or training providers or any other party), failure of a utility service or transport or telecommunications network, act of God, war, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, compliance with any law or governmental
    order, rule, regulation or direction, accident, breakdown
    of plant or machinery, fire, flood, storm or default of service providers or sub‐contractors.
    5) General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) is the regulatory
    body for pharmacists in England, Scotland and Wales.
    6) Late arrival means arriving to the practical vaccination
    training session later than the start time / after the session has started
    7) Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) is the regulatory body for all human medicines and healthcare products in the UK.
    8) Patient Group Direction (PGD) is a written protocol
    authorising trained and accredited pharmacists to supply/administer prescription‐only medicines (POMs) to patients who meet the inclusion criteria for each medicine.
    9) PGD Provider means the Independent Medical Agency
    (IMA) supplying the PGDs for the NPA’s PGD Services
    10) PGD Service(s) includes the PGDs and associated training
    available from the NPA which enables Authorised Users to offer a range of POMs to patients under PGDs.
    11) Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland (PSNI) is the regulatory body for pharmacists in Northern Ireland.
    12) Training Provider is the company providing relevant
    training on behalf of the NPA to pharmacists to enable pharmacists to administer/supply relevant vaccines/medications under PGDs to patients.
    B PGD Services options
    • Flu Pack
    • Travel Pack
    • Oral PGDs – available single or bundle of all 12
    • Meningitis B PGD – available as an add‐on only to the Flu and/or Travel Pack(s)
    Full descriptions of the above options are available on the NPA website.
    C General conditions
    1) These Terms and Conditions are applied on behalf of the NPA and the PGD Provider, Medical Prescription Services Ltd, and are applicable to all Authorised Users of the PGD Services AND their superintendent
    pharmacists/pharmacy owners; all parties must agree to adhere to these Terms and Conditions.
    2) It is a condition precedent of these Terms and
    Conditions that:
    a. All legislation covering supply / administration of medication/vaccines under PGDs must be adhered to in all circumstances; AND
    b. All Authorised Users must have signed hardcopies of the relevant PGD(s), plus accompanying relevant paperwork and references as referred to in the PGDs, available for ready reference during each and every patient consultation when providing PGD Services, whether providing PGD Services on the registered pharmacy premises or off‐site; AND
    c. The Authorised Users meet their personal and professional responsibilities, in all cases, to ensure that they are trained, confident and competent to offer the PGD Services to patient; AND
    d. Adequate professional liability insurance is in place i. Authorised Users may be required to confirm
    that they have adequate professional indemnity cover to provide PGD services if this is not with the NPA.
    Failure to adhere to these requirements will invalidate
    supply/administration of medication/vaccines under the NPA’s PGD Services.
    3) Medicines included in the PGD Services can only be supplied or administered from GPhC/PSNI registered community pharmacy premises (except PGDs for vaccines where authorisation exists to administer them
    off premises; you are expected to ensure that any off‐site premises meets the criteria for providing PGD Services as described in the PGD content).
    4) Only Authorised Users may offer PGD Services and operate the PGDs; support staff or unauthorised users are not permitted to do so.
    5) An Authorised User, upon signing the PGD declaration,
    takes full responsibility for making appropriate supply/administration of the medication/vaccines under the relevant PGD(s).
    6) Authorised Users must use only the PGDs supplied under
    the NPA PGD Services to assess patients and supply/administer medication/vaccines in conjunction with any associated consent/risk assessment forms.
    7) All patient consultations are conducted in a face‐to‐face manner — patient consultations conducted remotely (i.e. where not face‐to‐face with the patient, for example, via Skype) are excluded and are not permitted under the
    NPA PGD Services.
    8) All medication/vaccines supplied/administered must be
    labelled and/or recorded in accordance with the PGD
    instructions and The Human Medicines Regulations 2012.
    9) Authorised Users must not use the PGD for their patients if they feel that by doing so, they would be working outside their area of competence.
    10) Authorised Users subscribed to the PGD Services are only
    authorised to use the PGD for the 12‐month period of
    subscription to the PGD Services. The PGD Provider’s authorisation is then deemed to have expired and any use of the PGDs outside of the period of subscription will be in breach of the NPA’s PGD Services Terms and Conditions and will constitute an illegal act.
    11) Each PGD will state an expiry date after which they are
    not valid.
    12) All Authorised Users must be fully compliant with
    Information Governance requirements.
    13) Login details for the NPA PGD Services’ learning portal must not be shared with any unauthorised users or persons outside the GPhC/PSNI registered pharmacy premises listed on the registration form.
    14) Individual pharmacists (managers/employees/relief pharmacists/locum pharmacists) can register to use the PGD Services only with permission from the superintendent pharmacist/pharmacy owner.
    15) Superintendent pharmacists/pharmacy owners are responsible for ensuring that:
    a. All the requirements under these Terms and
    Conditions are adhered to.
    b. They have proper oversight of the use of PGD
    Services within their organisation; relevant standard operating procedures (SOPs) must be in place and being implemented.
    c. PGD consultations take place in an approved
    consultation room or approved premises that meets the requirements of the service.
    d. Authorised Users use PGDs in accordance with the
    PGD criteria only and do not work outside of these parameters.
    e. They inform the NPA immediately via email
    ( if:
    i. Authorised Users need to be added or removed
    from the PGD Services OR
    ii. If any Authorised User(s) is/are removed/suspended from the GPhC/PSNI register.
    16) The NPA reserves the right to add, remove or suspend
    any or all parts of the PGD Services and/or PGD(s)
    offered within PGD Services, at any time without prior notice.
    17) The NPA reserves the right to change these Terms and
    Conditions at any time, without prior notice.
    D Training and authorisation
    1) All participating pharmacists must fully read and understand the online training modules on the relevant medical conditions, undertake and successfully pass the online assessments, and upon renewal, to ensure their knowledge is current.
    2) Pharmacists must sign the relevant PGD document(s) to
    declare confirmation that they have read and understood
    the content of the PGD(s) and received the appropriate training to implement them effectively; they agree to work within the parameters of the PGD.
    3) The PGD authorisation process must be completed once
    training and assessment has been undertaken before the PGD is valid for use.
    4) Pharmacists need to be familiar with any PGD updates; Authorised Users will be notified of changes and must ensure they are working with the most up‐to‐date version of the PGD(s).
    5) Annual training is required for the PGD services.
    6) Vaccination training (practical or refresher, depending on experience and eligibility criteria) is a mandatory requirement to administer all injectable medicines (influenza and travel vaccines, for example).
    7) It remains the personal and professional responsibility of the Authorised User, in all cases, to ensure that they are trained, confident and competent to offer the PGD Services to patients, including administration of vaccines, treatment of anaphylaxis and resuscitation techniques where appropriate; the pharmacist must decide for themselves whether they should undergo the full vaccination training or the online refresher in view of
    E Registration, fees and subscription period
    1) Please register by telephone on 01727 800 402 or by email at
    2) Once registration is completed, information about
    payment and Terms and Conditions for the PGD Services will be sent by way of a confirmation email directly to the pharmacy/head office address registered with the NPA.
    3) All fees charged include 12 months subscription to use
    the chosen PGD(s) plus attendance at one practical vaccination training session (if applicable), plus any associated online learning/training plus assessment; fees are charged per pharmacist.
    4) For those subscribing to the Flu Pack (2017‐2018), with either full practical vaccination training or refresher vaccination training, the Flu Pack PGDs will run from 1 August 2017 to 31 July 2018 in line with the validity period of the Flu Pack PGDs.
    5) For those subscribing to the Travel Pack with full practical vaccination training, the 12‐month period of subscription to use the PGDs will commence from the day after attending the practical vaccination session! It is expected that you will attend an NPA practical vaccination training session held on a date closest to the payment invoice date, at a venue, suitable for you to travel to
    6) For those subscribing to the Travel Pack with online
    refresher vaccination training only, the 12‐month period of subscription to use the PGDs will commence one month from the payment invoice date.
    7) For Oral PGD single or Oral PGD bundle, the 12‐month
    period of subscription to use the PGD(s) will commence one month from the payment invoice date
    8) In all cases, use of PGD(s) is not permitted unless ALL
    relevant training – full practical vaccination training (if applicable) and/or online learning/online vaccination training plus assessment has been successfully completed.
    9) Meningitis ACWY PGD is included as part of the travel pack. It is also available separately as an add‐on to the Flu Pack if you are not subscribing to the travel pack at the same time. No discount will be given nor any refund issued if, having already paid the fees for the flu pack plus meningitis ACWY as an add‐on, you subsequently subscribe to the travel pack. Under these circumstances, you will still be charged the full fees for the travel pack.
    10) Malaria prophylaxis is covered under both the travel pack
    and the oral bundle of PGDs. A discount has already been built into the fees charged when subscribing together to the travel pack and the oral bundle at the same time. However, if you subscribe to the travel pack and the oral bundle at different times, you will be charged the full
    fees due for each as individual subscriptions; no discount
    and/or refund will be made under these circumstances.
    11) Subscribing to more than one PGD option(s) at different times will be charged at the full cost of the individual option(s) chosen which may be higher than if you had subscribed to multiple options at the same time.
    12) Registering additional pharmacist(s) or replacing pharmacist(s) will require the full payment for the additional pharmacist(s) and each will need to undergo the registration and training process required to offer the PGD Services.
    13) The payment process must be followed at all times and adherence to the payment schedule must be observed.
    14) Payment must be made within 14 days of the date of the invoice date, and in all cases, must be made prior to
    attending practical vaccination training, whichever is sooner.
    15) Failure to make the payments due for the NPA PGD Services within the specified times will delay access to the PGD Services; access to the PGD Services will only be granted upon receipt of full payment due to the NPA
    16) PGD Services fees must be paid as due to use the PGD Services for each Authorised User offering the service within each pharmacy.
    17) Renewal fees are due every 12 months.
    18) Upon renewal, the same process of training and PGD authorisation must be undertaken before proceeding with the PGD Services service.
    19) The price charged by the pharmacy for providing PGD Services to patients is a matter for each pharmacy/organisation to decide and is not the responsibility of the NPA.
    20) Annual subscription costs for the PGD Services are subject to review and may change without prior notice.
    21) No refunds will be issued if the subscription has been paid but the PGD Services are not used.
    Locums signing up in their own right
    22) The subscription is attributed to the locum
    23) The locum can operate the NPA PGD Services at any GPhC/PSNI registered premises, including pharmacy premises belonging to large pharmacy chains (multiples); the premises does not need to be already registered with the NPA for providing the NPA PGD services
    24) It will be the down the pharmacy owner / superintendent
    pharmacist in question to decide whether they will allow an ‘outside’ PGD to be used in their premises
    25) If the pharmacy owner / superintendent pharmacist
    allows the locum to use of the NPA PGD Services within their premises, the NPA and the PGD Provider will require a letter of authorisation from the pharmacy owner / superintendent pharmacist of the pharmacy to give permission regarding this
    26) All terms and conditions for the PGD Services must be
    adhered to (i.e. record keeping, keeping a signed copy of the PGD at every premises)
    27) The locum must inform the NPA where they will be
    operating the NPA PGD Services before they provide any services to patients under the NPA PGD Services
    Locums whose subscription to use the NPA PGD Services has been paid by the pharmacy owner
    28) The subscription is attributed to the pharmacy
    29) The NPA PGD Services must be operated only within the registered premises of the pharmacy
    30) All terms and conditions for the PGD Services must be adhered to
    F Cancellations
    1) Bookings for the face‐to‐face practical training are
    accepted subject to acceptance of the NPA’s right to charge the full rate for the training session(s) for late cancellations, non‐attendance and late arrival for the practical vaccination training session resulting in incomplete training.
    2) The NPA must be notified of any cancellations by email
    a. A valid telephone/mobile contact number and
    contact name along with your PGD Services reference number must be included in your email.
    b. You must ensure that notice of cancellation is
    received by the NPA at least 10 Business Days or more before the relevant training date.
    c. You will be charged the full cost of the training programme if notice of cancellation is received by the NPA less than 10 Business Days before the relevant training date.
    d. An additional fee of £50 + VAT may also be charged in the event that your cancellation leads to that training session not reaching full capacity and/or having to be cancelled altogether.
    Giving sufficient notice of cancellation will give another
    pharmacist the opportunity to attend the training session and ensure that places in our training sessions are fully utilised.
    3) We reserve the right to postpone the date of the face‐to‐
    face training by giving you a minimum of 5 Business Days notice, in the event that insufficient numbers are booked for the course, or due to any other unforeseen circumstances, or Force Majeure.
    4) We are unable to compensate you for any loses or
    expenses incurred as a result of postponement of your chosen training date.
    5) We are unable to issue any refunds in the event you choose not to attend the postponed training.
    6) We are unable to issue any refunds or offer you a free / discounted replacement practical vaccination training session in the event that you arrive for the practical vaccination training session later than the start time as detailed on the confirmation email received from the NPA.
    a. The practical vaccination training session will not
    be re‐started for you in the event that you arrive after the session has started, nor can the session be extended to cover any missed training.
    b. Arriving after the practical vaccination training
    session has started will result in you not receiving the full training on the day and potentially prevent the nurse trainer from being able to accredit you.
    G Intellectual Property (IP) rights
    1) All IP rights for all PGDs, consent/risk assessment forms
    and flu manual supplied under the PGD Services belong
    to the PGD Provider; no changes and/or amendments are
    permitted to be made to any content therein.
    2) Any changes and/or amendments made to any content
    will invalidate the PGDs and associated materials
    3) All IP rights for all the training materials supplied under
    the PGD Services belong to the Training Provider; no changes and/or amendments are permitted to be made to any content therein.
    4) All IP rights for all promotional and marketing materials,
    as well as any other NPA resources/materials belong to
    the NPA; no changes and/or amendments are permitted to be made to the content therein unless specifically permitted to do so for the purpose of personalising the marketing material where relevant and indicated as such.
    5) Any attempt to copy, duplicate, modify, create derivative works from or distribute all or any portion of the PGD Services will constitute an illegal act.
    H Termination
    1) The NPA reserves the right to terminate the PGD Services at any time.
    2) Termination of the PGD Services for whatever reason shall not lead to return of fees paid.
    3) NPA shall be entitled to terminate the PGD Services with immediate effect if, in its reasonable opinion, the conduct of the Authorised User/superintendent
    pharmacist/pharmacy owner is considered by the NPA to
    be prejudicial to the goodwill, reputation, standing of the