Following the vaccination training sessions, we gathered feedback from delegates who had attended and have presented a sample of their comments on this dedicated testimonials page.

Vaccination training – Delegate feedback


“‘We just wanted to say thank you for providing the onsite flu refresher training for our vaccinators last night. The trainer was absolutely excellent and all of the feedback we have had was how much they enjoyed the pace and the style of the session.”

H J Lumb Mason & Son (Chemists) Ltd.



“The course administrator communicated well and kept the session moving along at a good pace. She referenced her professional experiences during the course which helped reinforce the information being conveyed.”



“All of the course was really well delivered by all the trainers. Particularly enjoyed the injection techniques and CPR training.”



“The Paramedic’s explanation of anaphylaxis and what you should do if it happens, combined with his real life experience and humorous style of delivery was very engaging.”



“The lady who conducted the training was very professional, polite and extremely knowledgeable. She enabled me to gain excess knowledge of how to vaccinate as well as basic life support training.”



“Was very useful going over basic life support again. The trainer, was excellent. I attended a vaccine training session with them around 5/6 years ago when I had given relatively few vaccines and left the event feeling better prepared on how to offer a flu vaccination service. I still refer back to the notes I made after that training every September when I start the flu vaccines. I was very pleased to see that they were the trainer today!”



“The whole course was made enjoyable by the trainer. The most useful bit was practicing drawing up but also the tips that were given to us that would help keep us focused and help with the practical details if we encounter an adverse reaction. This would help keep our focus in a panic situation.”



“It was great to learn about drawing up and reconstituting vaccines which I had never done before. Hands-on life support practice always useful as well. I have poor hearing and the trainer made sure that I was able to hear her clearly, very supportive.”



“There were clear demonstrations with plenty of explanations of best practices”



“The session was very interactive and full of enthusiasm”



“It was very useful having someone else check injection and drawing techniques. It’s hard to know when you don’t work with anyone else who is qualified for it that you’re still doing it as well as the first time you were taught.”


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