This training ‘tops up’ and complements your essential eLearning, as recommended by the government, (and practical training, if relevant) so that you have the knowledge, skills and confidence to fulfill your role in the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

Following this training you must self-assess your competence and knowledge and seek additional training if necessary.

The sessions may be suitable for any pharmacist, healthcare professionals and unregistered support workers involved in supporting the roll-out – see the Training sessions and suitability box below. If you are unsure of your training requirements – please refer to our vaccination training flowchart via the box below.

If you have staff or volunteers who are new to immunisation e.g. unregistered support workers – we strongly recommend that they attend practical, face-to-face training* and complete essential online training – please refer to the New to immunisation box below.

In developing this training, the NPA and CBT pledged to create the new training sessions quickly and make them available as cost-effectively as possible. You will be signposted to the CBT  website to purchase the training, which means we have saved on the time and costs that would have been otherwise involved in updating the NPA/CBT website to provide this new training. This saving has been reflected in the prices we are offering to our members.

CBT has delivered the practical and online training for the NPA’s PGD programme in recent years and have recently been awarded ‘Highest Rated Training Provider 2020’ in the Brilliance Awards by Course Check for the quality of its training and consistently high reviews.

* if you require booking the full face-to-face training session for unregistered and support workers, please contact the NPA PGD team, email:


Training sessions and suitability

Details of the two different practical webinars on offer, what they will cover, pricing, etc.

Purchase a virtual training session

If you've decided which webinar is most suited to you, this sets out the next steps and links you directly out to the NPA/CBT website to make the purchase.

COVID-19 Vaccination training flowchart

Refer to our flowchart to assess your training pathway and gain easy access to the appropriate training via the links contained within it.

New to immunisation

The NPA's recommendations for any of your staff or volunteers who are new to immunisation.

Additional COVID-19 resources and links to training

We list training and further NPA resources to support your delivery of the COVID-19 vaccination.