New to immunisation – COVID-19 training

If you have staff or volunteers who are new to immunisation, they must complete the essential e-Learning (see our flowchart). In addition we strongly recommend that they attend practical, face-to-face training +. Details of our standard full training packages including upcoming 3.5 hour practical sessions can be found here.  These sessions do not cover COVID-19 specific vaccine training.

However, if they are unable to do so, they must complete the essential e-Learning (see flowchart) and may attend the 2.5 hour virtual vaccination training session, with the government’s Guidance on immunisation training during the COVID-19 pandemic, being taken into consideration.

In all cases, vaccinators who have not had experience in delivering vaccines in the last 12 months and those new to vaccination delivery must undergo a period of supervised practice with a fully trained and competent vaccinator, before independently vaccinating patients. In order to do this, they must complete the COVID-19 vaccinator competency tool, made available by Public Health England* (PHE).

if you require booking full face-to-face training for unregistered or support workers, please contact the NPA PGD team by email:

* all recommendations have been taken from Public Health England; guidance may differ for devolved nations so please check accordingly.