What’s new for 2022

Prices stay the same for 2022 as in 2021, the main changes are:


  1. The Unlimited Clinic PGD package is being introduced at a great price, which includes the Travel eTool and vaccinations, giving access to 60+ service packages. This includes online disease awareness training but no F2F training.
  2. A blended Clinical Assessment course (4 hours face-to-face training and online modules) that covers clinical skills such as medical history taking, urine analytics, blood glucose monitoring, throat and ear examinations and blood pressure measurement to support services. This course is designed to give you the confidence to deliver services such as CPCS or ear/throat assessments. This course can be purchased via the NPA/ECG website along with other vaccination training and PGDs.
  3. A new Travel Health training option that covers the disease awareness training that is required to offer travel services. Note that this is theoretical training only, and does not include PGDs or practical vaccination training. There are two formats – fully online or blended (online learning and a webinar). However, as there are no PGDs, this would be appropriate for IPs or those who already have PGDs in place.

If you want to offer a range of private Travel services, the Full travel package (includes vaccination training and the eTool) or Refresher travel training (also with the eTool) would be more appropriate. These both come with appropriate disease awareness training. You can find out more about travel services here.

  1. Changes to options for the non-vaccination PGDs (previously called Oral/Topical PGDs) and the ‘Pick ‘n mix’ bundle (such as the inclusion of UTI PGD). They can still be purchased separately or you can choose 10 paper PGDs as the ‘Pick ‘n mix’ bundle. Go to our Non-vaccination PGD page to find out more.


The Express flu training options are no longer being offered, as it was considered too much content to be able to deliver in a shorter session. Flu refresher training is still available online. You can learn all about the Flu vaccination training options here.

For member and non-member pricing for the above, click here.