Step by step guide to PGD qualification

Whether you are new to vaccinating, or already have experience in offering private PGDs, you can use this information below to help determine which PGD package and training is most suited to you in line with the official guidance provided for the 2020-21 season.

The chart and table below summarise the training pathways highly recommended by the NPA for pharmacists delivering private PGDs.

NHS Flu service 2020/21 – training requirements

There was advice issued from Public Health England in April 2020 on the training requirements for the 2020/21 NHS flu vaccination service. This is summarised below:

  1. All new vaccinators of the flu vaccination for the 2020/21 flu season, will be required to undertake full face-to-face (F2F) training. This may not be possible at the start of the flu season, so the situation will have to be assessed in line with updated government guidance, as we move forward. In addition, it is mandatory for experienced vaccinators who last attended F2F training prior to 1st March 2017/have not vaccinated since then. In exceptional circumstances, full practical training may be done virtually.
  2. Pharmacists who have previously delivered vaccinations for the flu immunisation programme and are due to do their triennnial face-to-face training, may (for this year only), undertake online refresher training. They will be required to do their face-to-face training next year at the latest. This would include individuals who last did full face-to-face vaccination training in 2017.
  3. On 1st September 2020, if a pharmacist has completed their annual refresher training in the previous 18 months (i.e. since 1st March 2019) they do not have to do the training again for the 2020/21 season (although they may do so if they wish). However, they must ensure that they are familiar with the various documents to support the season, including choice of vaccine and contents of the annual flu letter (source: NHSE&I).
    The NPA highly recommends that all pharmacists that will provide the flu vaccination service during 2020/21 undertake annual update training prior to commencing provision of the service. This training helps to ensure pharmacists have up-to-date knowledge in relation to the provision of flu vaccinations in 2020/21 and any related matters, such as where to access guidance on personal protective equipment (PPE).

Any information specific to devolved nations will be added when available.


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