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About Check34

What is the web address for Check34?

Please go to to access the platform directly and login for your data.

What is Check34?

Check34 is an online system which analyses pharmacies’ FP34 data so that contractors can identify trends and anomalies in prescription payments, and track key performance indicators. It helps achieve optimum business performance because you can assess your own performance data and compare against other pharmacy businesses.

Who has developed the Check34 software?

PSNC has developed the software.  The NPA is partnering with PSNC to make this practical solution available to independent pharmacies in England.

Why is the NPA investing in Check34?

The NPA is delivering on a commitment we made in our Manifesto for Independent Community Pharmacy (NPA-IPF-AIMp, 2013) to help independents get “fit for purpose IT to support the delivery of services and for payment and audit purposes”.   Check34 provides this data analysis, which has until now generally been available only to larger companies with substantial IT resources.

How is Check34 going to evolve in terms of development and enhancements?

It is intended that Check34 will evolve in line with changes to reimbursement processes and the needs of contractors. A joint NPA/PSNC steering group, supported by a user group, will meet regularly to discuss and put forward suggestions for improving and upgrading Check34.

Accessing Check34

What happens if I leave/sell my pharmacy?

You should notify PSNC and NPA immediately if:

  1. You are no longer authorised to access Check34 by your pharmacy contractor
  2. Your pharmacy business is sold or transferred
  3. Your pharmacy is no longer a member of your pharmacy contractor’s group
  4. Your pharmacy business ceased to trade

What is the system availability?

PSNC will use reasonable efforts to ensure that Check34 is available to you between 8 am and 11 pm, Monday to Saturday (“Core Service Hours“).However, PSNC does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted or secure access to Check34 during the Core Service Hours or otherwise and You acknowledge that the operation of and access to Check34may be impaired by numerous factors outside of PSNC’s control.
You further acknowledge that both during and outside the Core Service Hours, access to Check34 may be restricted to allow scheduled maintenance and/or improvements to Check34. However, PSNC will endeavour to minimise the impact on your use of Check34 and will use reasonable efforts to give you notice of such scheduled interruptions.

What do I do if I've forgotten my password?

Simply use the ‘forgotten password’ link on the sign in screen and you will be sent an email to reset.

What technical requirements are needed?

You will need to have a connection to the internet in order to access and use Check34.  It is your responsibility to ensure that these are in place.
Check34 is compatible with all common web browsers that are currently supported (Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Chrome, Firefox, Safari). It will also work on IPads, tablets and smart phones.
Please note: Check34 will not work on IE 8. IE8, which is still being used by a number of pharmacies, is no longer supported by Microsoft.

How do I access the service?

To get access to the system, please fill in the ‘Registration’ form available at The sooner you sign up, the sooner you will be able to enjoy the benefits of this unique system!   It is important that the Registration form is correctly filled in to minimise any delays.
For your own security reasons, we ask that only the pharmacy owner or superintendent – or an individual nominated by them – should complete the setup and manage your account.

Can I get access if I'm not an NPA Member?

Yes, you can. As long as you provide FP34 data to the NHSBSA you can get access to this system. Contact The NPA and speak to a member of the sales team. The yearly subscription fee for non-members is £144 +VAT. You may want to consider membership with the NPA.


How much does it cost?

Check34 is currently included in the NPA Membership package for English members for at least 12 months.  Our ambition is to keep the service as part of the membership package for a longer period – a decision will be made in due course to see if this is a possibility and you will be notified in advance of your membership renewal.
For non-NPA members, there is a charge of £144 + VAT per pharmacy per year. You may want to consider membership with the NPA. Find out more about NPA Membership.

Data security

How did the NPA/PSNC get hold of my prescription figures?

The NPA does not have access to your prescription figures. We have supplied membership data on file to allow your Check34 Subscription to be set up. We will, however, support with advice on how to interpret your data and highlight any areas for improvement.  As part of the prescription pricing audit function that PSNC carries out on behalf of contractors, it has access to ever contractors Schedule of Payments data. This data is presented to contractors via Check34.

If the data is strictly confidential how will a contractor know how he is performing as compared to other nearby pharmacies? Is it easy to identify competing pharmacies?

The contractor (and those s/he gives access to) can see the data for their pharmacy.  Performance of the pharmacy can be compared against an average of local pharmacies , where the data is pooled together and averaged out, so it cannot be related to any specific pharmacy

How secure is the Check34 system?

  1. There are several security checks during the setup process to ensure the data you have access to is yours, checks are done against the GPhC database and the NHS BSA F code database.
  2. PSNC will take reasonable precautions to ensure that Check34 is safeguarded from known viruses or other contaminants. However, PSNC does not guarantee that Check34will operate free from viruses or other contaminants.

Who will see my data? Is it shared with any other organisation?

The only people who have access to the data are NHSBSA and you.  PSNC has access to the data by virtue of their role to audit prescription reimbursement by the BSA on behalf of contractors.  The NPA will not have sight of your data and neither will any of your competitors.

Adding companies, users and roles

Can I assign different roles to different users?

This is all managed by the Check34 contact. You can set permissions based on:

  1. Regions
  2. Branches a user is responsible for
  3. Information that a user needs to see

I have more than one registered company, can I see the branches across all of these?

At this time we cannot group separate companies together, there will need to be separate logins for each. This is mainly due to security as we cannot assume which companies belong together. This may be amended in future development but for now he will have separate logins.

Can I manage multiple users and branches in one system?

Yes, you can. Check34 can be used by pharmacy companies of any size. Larger companies have the option of setting up a regional and branch structure.
Each pharmacy must appoint a Check34 Contact Manager. This person will be responsible for setting up the structure for your organisation. As the contact, you may authorise other users to access the Check34 data and this can be tailored by each user. You must ensure that:

  1. Each authorised user is aware of the terms and conditions of using the system
  2. You are responsible for each authorised user’s compliance with the terms and conditions.

Using the information available

Are Distance Selling and 100-hour Pharmacies included in the comparative data?

Yes, since it is not always possible to differentiate these from ‘bricks and mortar’ pharmacies. There are around 25 contractors of a specialised nature which have very high dispensing volumes that have been excluded from calculations of comparative data since they would skew the results.

Are there any 'quick wins'?

The NPA have identified KPI quick wins: NMS, MUR, Switching, and Expensive Items.
These have been identified as the four top KPIs to help pharmacies get more money in their pockets, grow business and see results the quickest.

How is the number of dispensing days calculated?

Number of dispensing days is set by the NHSBSA to show the contracted open days between 9am-5:30pm. You may get a skew in local and national data if there are outliers to this, i.e. 100 hour pharmacies

How will it highlight errors in payment?

Check34 will not identify individual errors in payment.  It can be used to identify where there might be a problem. A troubleshooting algorithm is available to help guide you (available on the PSNC website)

Is there a system in place to be able to identify concerns quickly?

A simple traffic light system has been implemented to give a visual guide to the month’s data. This system indicates whether your pharmacy’s performance is ‘on trend’ or outside the expected confidence limits. If the KPI is within 95% confidence limits it is classified green if it is between 95-90% then it is amber. If it falls outside the 90% confidence limit it is tagged red.  So the benchmarking is a measure of whether the pharmacy (KPI) is performing as expected relative to the trend. These confidence limits are based on past data from the pharmacy.

Isn't this just the same as the NHSBSA's new E-service?

The NHSBSA E-Schedules Service provides an electronic re-statement of information you have already received.  Check34 is a much more sophisticated, management information portal which presents key performance indicators over time, benchmarked against national and local peer groups.  Both NPA and PSNC share an ambition to develop the Check34 system further over time.

Shouldn't you just get NHSBSA to do it's job, i.e. accurate, transparent reimbursement?

The NPA, through Pharmacy Voice has and continues to consistently and persistently push for improvements, as do PSNC.  Some improvements have already been made as a result of this action.

What are the 11 KPI's that are recorded?

  1. Items dispensed per month
  2. Average Item Value
  3. Fees and drug costs
  4. Working Hours (for correct Practice Payments)
  5. Script switches (part 2 and not signed) and fees lost
  6. Expensive Items (value, number, percentage of total amount)
  7. Zero Discount Items (value, number, percentage of total amount)
  8. MURS completed per month and year to date
  9. NMS completed per month and year to date
  10. Advance vs. Paid Payment
  11. Advance number of items vs. actual number of items paid

What information is recorded?

Information is collected from the FP34 form which you submit from to the NHSBSA monthly. All sections of your FP34 form, except service fee’s are extracted. We don’t show data on the service fees as these vary month to month so we can’t show any correlation.

What is the benefit of including items with Zero Discount?

The amount of Zero Discount items dispensed in a single month can impact income. Fluctuations in monthly payment may be explained by fluctuations in the amount of ZD items dispensed. Market research prior to commissioning Check34 indicated this was a KPI that contractors were interested in monitoring.

When choosing comparators, could you compare against similar size pharmacies rather than just locality?

Not at present. It is something that we are looking at and may be included in a future release.

When will my FP34 data show in Check34?

The system will show you month by month performance data for 11 KPI’s with up to 24 months history (please note you will initially start with just 1 month’s data that is 3 months in arrears). Pharmacy (and company) performance is mapped against defined comparators:

  1. National Average
  2. Other local pharmacies (an average of the 10 closest, not individual pharmacies)
  3. Company average (Regional or national)

Where can I find additional resources to help understand the system?

For information on interpreting the system please go to or call the NPA Pharmacy Services Team on 01727891800.

Will BSA transparency work eventually mean that a full reconcilliation is possible?

This is a question for the BSA to answer.  We are not aware of a specific, timetabled commitment.

Will it be able to predict the payment in advance of our schedule of payments?

If the contractor completes (inputs) their FP34C end of month figures, then Check34 will give an estimate of the following month’s Advance Payment.