Clearing house

Let us help you simplify your bill payments.

Did you know that, on average, members spend between 3 and 6 hours per month sorting out an average of 40 bills.

Time and cost savings are possible by using our Clearing House Service as part of your monthly routine when paying supplier bills. Simply fill out a form or spreadsheet summarising monthly bills, then send one payment and remittance advice to the NPA to do the rest, including handling your supplier invoice queries.

With postage and bank charges on the increase, the service has become even more important to NPA members.

Best of all, this is a service is available to you free as part of your NPA Membership.


Your questions answered

How about my electricity, gas water,phone, rent & rates?

Yes, you can pay service providers as well as pharmaceutical suppliers.

Is there any paperwork involved?

Very little, you just need to enter the payments on a pre-printed schedule which allows you to keep a record of which remittance advices you’ve sent us.

I currently get discounts for prompt payment from various suppliers - how can I be sure you'll get the payment through to them in time?

There’s no need to worry – we offer two clearances per month.  One for the 22 and one for the last working day of the month so you can be sure you wont miss out on prompt payment discounts.