Interested in offering your patients the flu vaccination privately?

We have the PGDs and support material to help get you started.


NPA Flu PGD Pack (2017-18 season)

General Seasonal Influenza (intramuscular)
Fluenz Tetra® (intranasal)
Intanza® (intradermal)
Tamiflu® (oral)
Hepatitis B

Why offer a flu vaccination service?

Benefits for your customers:

  • Community pharmacies are highly accessible
    • located within the heart of local communities
    • 96% of the population can access a pharmacy within 20 minutes by walking/public transport
    • Potential to reduce health inequalities through access to hard-to-reach patient groups
    • Help improve the health of the local population
  • Convenient – no appointment necessary
  • Out of hours access due to extended hours/long opening hours
  • Assurance of being vaccinated by a trained, accredited, trusted, front-line health care professional


Benefits for your business:

  • Opportunity to advise and vaccinate patients with long-term health conditions
  • Allows your patients to be better informed on the benefits of a flu vaccination
  • Provide a new skill set for the pharmacist
  • Enable a new income stream for your business
  • Could help build your community profile
  • Can help raise the importance of the role that you can provide to the local community as well as to local and national commissioners
  • Provide an opportunity to raise customer awareness of other services on offer


Flu refresher training

Criteria for refresher training + private flu PGD

The pharmacist must:

  • Have successfully administered 30 or more vaccines during the previous flu season
  • Have successfully completed an accredited, face-to-face seasonal flu training course (covering vaccination techniques, basic life support, and anaphylaxis management) within the last 12 months and can provide a certificate to cover this
  • Sign a declaration to confirm that they are trained, confident and competent to offer the service; this includes administering vaccines, treatment of anaphylaxis and carrying out resuscitation techniques where appropriate
  • Complete the online training modules on vaccination techniques, anaphylaxis, influenza and hepatitis B