Pharmacy Growth Programme

Help grow your business with the Retail Performance Specialists' Pharmacy Growth Programme.

Retail Performance Specialists is a recognised global healthcare performance improvement company specialising in the business aspects of running a successful pharmacy in today’s competitive and challenging environment.

The programme is conducted in three phases:


1. Phase One – Business diagnostic

  • The diagnostic is conducted through an on-line survey and conference calls


2. Phase Two – Programme workshops

  • 3x one-day workshops
  • The Pharmacy Growth System
  • Performance Management
  • Growth Management


3. Phase Three – Implementation visits

  • Pharmacy visits to audit the programme implementation
  • Provide mentoring and coaching for the team


The Benefits of the Pharmacy Growth Programme

Some of the many benefits participants will receive include:

  • Business review to help identify where your pharmacy has best practise and opportunities to help you grow your business.
  • Creating a performance improvement plan that guarantees to improve the success of your business.
  • A business dashboard that gives you immediate transparency on performance across the whole business (data, activity, KPIs).
  • The steps to creating a focused team with the mindset to win.
  • A patient journey that guarantees that your team will provide outstanding service and maximise opportunities to engage your patients with your products and services.
  • Greater profitability and freedom.

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