Velresco’s V-FlowTM Programme

Help improve your business performance and protect your margins in an increasingly difficult environment with Velresco’s V-Flow™ Programme.

Velresco’s V-Flow™ tool and approach will help identify and release capacity for Independent Dispensaries to enable profitable growth.

Some of the many benefits of using the V-Flow™ approach will include:

  • A clear view of how your business currently performs
  • Identification of opportunities worth between 10 and 100 times investment (ROI)
  • Potential to delegate up to 50% of Pharmacist activities – more time to serve customers / offer extended services
  • Practical steps to improve process effectiveness – enabling delegation
  • High levels of engagement with teams readily accepting findings
  • Halves the time (and cost) for analysis compared to traditional study methods
  • An interactive report which will allow you to interrogate the information shown so you can believe it, accept it and move to implementing improvements, rapidly


If you would like more information, email or call 01727 858687 ext 3221 (Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm).