NHS PFS will:


  • Improve access to advice and NHS treatment for common clinical conditions
  • Promote care through community pharmacy
  • Help manage demand on GPs and nurses where appropriate
  • Identify patients who should be referred elsewhere in the NHS




NPA support for NHS PFS:


  • The NPA comprehensive Standard Operating Procedure for NHS Pharmacy First Scotland can be adapted to your pharmacy procedures.
  • Red Flag Symptoms Alert Factsheets– The NPA have produced a series of factsheets for common clinical conditions which patients may request to use NHS PFS. Each factsheet covers one condition’s common symptoms and highlights when the symptoms may be indicative of serious illness requiring referral. The factsheets are excellent training aids for the pharmacy team useful in quality improvement discussions with staff.
  • Cegedim Pharmacy First video –Watch CegedimRx video on NHS Pharmacy First. Cegedim Rx kindly supported the recent NPA virtual forum 22nd July on preparation for NHS PHS
  • NPA virtual forum for Scottish members.  NHS PFS – Early Days experience 2nd September 7.30-8.30pm register here



Other useful NHS PFS resources:


  • NHS Pharmacy First Scotland Approved List of products
  • PCA2020(P)13  NHS circular provides details of the service specification and directions for NHS Pharmacy First Scotland. Annexes to the circular include Key Principles, Eligibility criteria, Privacy Notice and the NHS PFS Approved List
    • Annex A NHS Pharmacy First Key Principles
    • Annex B Eligibility for NHS Pharmacy First Scotland
    • Annex C NHS Pharmacy First Scotland Privacy Notice
    • Annex D NHS Pharmacy First Scotland Directions
    • Annex E Approved List
  • Details of the Financial arrangements to cover the first year of NHS PFS PCA2020(15)P 
  • SBAR (Situation, background, assessment, recommendation) patient referral template