Quality payment scheme

As part of the funding package, the DH is introducing a quality payments scheme. For 2017/18, up to £75million will be available for contractors to claim as quality payments. Payments can be claimed at two review points – end of April 2017 and end of November 2017 ‒ and payment depends on achieving specific quality criteria.

There are eight criteria, each of which can earn a pharmacy ‘points’. The maximum number of points a pharmacy can achieve across the two review points is 100. Each point will entitle the pharmacy to a quality payment, initially at the rate of £64 per point, but this could increase to a maximum of £128 per point being paid depending on the total number of points achieved by all the pharmacies in England. 

In order to receive any quality points, a pharmacy first has to meet four gateway criteria. The four gateway criteria are:

  1. Provision of at least one specified Advanced Service
  2. NHS Choices entry up to date
  3. Ability for staff to send and receive mail
  4. Ongoing usage of EPS

Once the gateway criteria have been met, contractors are eligible to claim quality payments if they earn ‘quality points’. The eight quality criteria have been weighted so that the number of points allocated to each one is based on the difficulty of achieving them and the benefit to patients.

The eight quality criteria are:

  1. Production of a patient safety report
  2. 80 per cent of pharmacy professionals have achieved level 2 safeguarding status
  3. Patient survey results published on NHS Choices
  4. Healthy Living Pharmacy level 1
  5. Accessing Summary Care Record
  6. NHS 111 Directory of Services entry up to date
  7. Asthma patients dispensed more than 6 short-acting bronchodilator inhalers without any corticosteroid inhaler within 6 month period referred for an asthma review
  8. 80 per cent of pharmacy staff are Dementia Friends

Meeting the quality criteria


The NPA will continue to update these resources over the coming weeks and months.