Croner Taxwise

Specialists in capital allowances. Croner Taxwise are delighted to partner with the NPA. As a member you can now access a team of Capital Allowance specialists who can help you reduce your tax all NPA members get a 10% discount.

Who can claim?

The tax benefit is available to the party that incurred the expenditure which be the entity purchasing a commercial property or funding refurbishment or extensions.

Talk to us if you have spent significant capital acquiring or improving your commercial property.  This is not restricted to pharmacy properties, if you are landlord with commercial property we could reclaim tax paid and/or reduce your incoming or corporation tax liabilities over the coming years.

Don’t forget all NPA members get a 10% discount. 

How do we do it?

We carry out a physical survey of the property and compile an accurate inventory listing of qualifying items.  We then have this valued independently.

We then carry out a due diligence process to check that the claim is credible.  Once validated we submit the claim to HMRC on your behalf and monitor its progress, taking full responsibility until  conclusion.

We have 100% claim success, fees are based on a viable claim – no claim no fee and fees are tax deductible.


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