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Fidelity Energy is able to offer NPA members a significant price saving on energy bills due to their wide range of suppliers. This means Fidelity Energy will find you the best market price available saving up to 48% on your energy bills.

No ‘cold calling’ is at the core of what makes Fidelity Energy different to so many of its competitors this is due to their trusted name and high quality service.

By using Fidelity Energy, members have access to account managers who will make switching over quick and simple. All they need is a copy of your latest bill and within 5 minutes they will provide you with a quote. Your account manager will also be a constant point of contact for any queries you may have. Taking away the stress of you having to call your new energy provider customer service, they do it all for you free of charge.

Something Fidelity Energy particularly support is Green Energy, 100% renewable energy backed by guarantee of origin is also available at the same price as its non renewable counterpart which allows you to report zero emissions for Scope 2 purchase electricity in accordance with GHG Protocol Corporate Standards. This will reduce you businesses carbon footprint, enhance your businesses reputation and demonstrate best practice at no extra cost. There’s even a certificate to show this too.


Mr Hindocha from Dips Chemist in Essex came to Fidelity Energy with a renewal quote from
their current supplier EON. When we ran this through our portal we found that EON had
increased prices dramatically which were not in line with the rest of the industry. A quick
comparison on our portal showed us that we could switch Dips Chemist’s supply over to
Npower, which on a three year fully fixed contract would save the business 13% (£252.01
a year and £756.03 in total). Dips Chemist took advantage of our account management
service to handle all of the switches and deal directly with the suppliers – thus saving them
lots of time and hassle.

Mr Hindocha requested for the same service to take place for his second branch, Riverview
Pharmacy. British Gas had sent him a renewal offer which we ran through our portal and
showed that we could save their second pharmacy 21.9% (£358.96 a year and £1076.88
over the contract term).

“The level of service has been exceptional, prompt and hassle free. As every business owner knows with all the energy required to run a business this is exactly the sort of service that is required. They were open and honest from the off and delivered a significant saving on our utility bills for our performance facility.”

Matt Church,

Director, Locker 27


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