Our customers are pharmacy owners like you who currently record their patient safety incidents and near misses in an inefficient way, such as paper or in word documents. This is where we can make a real difference, but even pharmacies that think they’re doing this in an efficient way can benefit from using our system.

Our business is unique in that is it is the only incident management solution 100% focused on the pharmacy sector and we use the latest cloud-based software to deliver real-time data for busy pharmacy groups.

Pharmapod Benefits:

• Efficiently input Incident and Near miss data using PC, Laptop or Mobile phone.
• Drive operational efficiencies and a reduce costs.
• Entering data digitally means that you can produce a Patient Safety Report easily and quickly supporting Quality Payments.
• Pharmapod system will transfer the reported data to NPA MSO
• Releases valuable professional time to assign to other tasks.
• Reduction of reputational, business and patient risks.
• A best in class reporting and analytics system. Understand where you are making mistakes and reduce them to improve quality.
• Generation of high quality reports to meet all governance, management and inspection needs.
• Streamlining of pharmacy team communication and task assignment.
• Introduces comparative analytics and benchmarking enabling pharmacies to measure its risk management performance against its peers as well as its past.
• Provides a complete picture based on real-time data

Specific to NPA Members:

• You will be able to reduce the double entry of data by exporting data from the Pharmapod system directly to the NPA.

• The price of the Pharmapod system is dependent on the numbers of modules and number of pharmacies. The price of the system is at a special member price. Please email info@pharmapoghq.com and include the code *NPA2017 for more information.