How can you help our members? Why Join

• Connect with more local customers
• Connect with commercial businesses (business travellers)
• Receive referrals from GP Practices
• They support community pharmacies generate new income
• They can improve your online presence
• It’s FREE to become a Delivery Partner

• Access to new local customers like Occupational Health Workers, Students and Business Travellers
• More vaccination customers
• The opportunity to sell other products and services once customers come through your doors
• Pharmacies can decide what vaccinations they want to administer and when they want to provide their service
• Pharmacies can set their own vaccination and anti-malarial prices. just guide you

What is the Process?

How to join –
As an NPA member you may have already been part-registered by auto-enrolment and received a confirmation email with your username and password. If you haven’t been registered yet, you can complete this registration by visiting Once you’re logged in and have accepted terms and conditions, you can then set up your ‘Pharmacy Profile’. The more information you can provide the better as customers will then be able to search for this information when they are selecting a travel clinic. You also get to select the vaccines you want to administer and add your prices. Then you’ll be ready for to start sending you customers. If you need further help please contact:

What can you offer our member as added value?

Jignesh Patel has four key principles that has helped focus on revenue.

1) Know your market. Your market is split in two, private and NHS. For your private market understand your demographics, specifically ethnicity. These groups frequently visit their ‘home’ countries so stock these vaccines.

2) Train your staff. A pharmacist’s focus is administering vaccines, so tasks should be delegated to the pharmacy team to free up their time. Train the team to tell patients about services, especially older patients who require NHS vaccines.

3) Create the right environment. Nobody wants to enter a dirty clinic. Get it as close to a surgical room as possible, especially your consultation room. Private patients are paying for a premium service so ensure they received it.

4) Marketing. Most patients fall into two categories, walk-in and online. Walk-ins only know if your pharmacy is a vaccination clinic if it’s clearly signed and it catches their eye. Consider removing all other posters and clutter from the windows, so it looks clinical, clean and ensures passers-by can see the vaccination clinic sign only.

Online marketing is critical in this digital age. However, many pharmacy owners will ignore this because they feel it’s too expensive or they just don’t know where to start. My company, was started with the intention of helping independent pharmacies market their NHS/ Private vaccination services and also send regular patients without the need for thousands of pounds of investment.

Cost to members

When a Pharmacy vaccination clinic joins, for every private referral that sends, their fee is £12 (inc. VAT) per patient, which is charged directly to the patient (a booking fee). They then ask the pharmacy to discount the £12 from the total cost of that individual’s vaccination.
For example, if a traveller requires a vaccination for Polio/Tetanus/Diphtheria (avg. £30), they will in most cases also require Hepatitis A (2 courses at avg. £45 each). That’s a total of £120. At the time of booking, the traveller will have already paid £12 (the reservation or booking fee), with the remaining £108 paid directly to the pharmacy per customer.


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