Struggling to get your Kickstart vacancies filled?


We are proud to say over 250 Kickstarters are now working in pharmacies; however, we are committed to helping grow this number as we are aware that you may have unfilled vacancies in your pharmacy, and you may wish to take an active role in pushing these vacancies through.

From Reed’s conversations with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), it has become clear that job vacancies created by the scheme across the country have had a very slow fill-rate. This is due to capacity and system issues at the DWP, as well as low engagement from Jobcentres and little awareness of the scheme by those on Universal Credit.

Although we state upon application that applying does not guarantee you will receive a placement, nor commit you to following through with a placement, if you would like to push any unfilled vacancies in your pharmacy, we would suggest the following;


  • You are more likely to receive applicants if you speak directly to your local Jobcentre Plus, to increase awareness of the roles you are offering.


Click here to find your local Jobcentre Plus


  • Raise awareness and conversation about the scheme by displaying the poster found on this link


Although all applications have to come through the local Jobcentre Plus, if there is interest from those who are on Universal Credit (it may be a graduate or recent school leaver), refer them to their work coach or your local Jobcentre Plus and the Jobcentre Plus will ascertain if the individual is eligible or not.