Partner with us

The NPA provides approved access to the pharmacy sector for Business Partners who are strategically important to the NPA, chosen to address a specific need such as employment law, e-commerce.

We also have arrangements with Specials Partners who offer generic medicines to special requirements and Marketing Partners such as manufacturers, wholesalers, specials, financial institutions and charities to raise awareness of solutions for community pharmacy and public facing campaigns. If you are interested in finding out more please email us at

Our members

We are a not-for-profit trusted organisation representing more than 9 in 10 independent pharmacies in the UK.

NPA Membership is offered as Full Membership for all independent community pharmacies, Affiliate for hospital pharmacies, healthcare organisations, care homes and veterinary care and Student for students studying within Schools of Pharmacy. With more options to come.

Our customers

The NPA has developed a range of commercial opportunities to support a sustainable organisation for our members. Customers include national multiples, associates and pharmacy manufacturing organisations.

How you can get involved & the benefits of partnership

Events & Conferences


The NPA hosts a number of UK-wide membership engagements throughout the year providing a perfect opportunity for you to raise brand awareness, communicate your key messages and network directly with pharmacists and opinion leaders.

Independent Member Events

Smaller events taking place in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and focus on key issues facing pharmacy.

Ask Your Pharmacist (AYP)

AYP is the NPA’s ongoing campaign work to showcase community pharmacy as an expert clinical and public health resource, as well as an effective medicines supply service. During AYP week the NPA runs a series of events across the UK to promote the services at your local pharmacy.

Key Benefits to you

If you are looking to engage and network with our Members, or promote products and services then NPA events present the perfect opportunity.   There are various packages available from standard to deluxe to suit your marketing needs and budget.*

  • Networking opportunities with pharmacists, industry experts and opinion leaders
  • Raise brand awareness through inserts in delegate bags, member news, email shots and adverts in delegate brochures
  • Promote products and services at events


What is inpharmacy?

The official magazine of the NPA and is accessed by all independent pharmacies as part of their membership, giving comprehensive coverage.  The bi-monthly is produced as a hard copy and is available digitally and is supported by a weekly e-newsletter providing expert knowledge, interpretation, guidance and essential information for community pharmacy.

Quality editorial

inpharmacy has been created and written by key opinion leaders and experts.  The NPA fields over 900 calls per day from its members on a wide variety of issues which shows a very high level of communication.  This interaction makes the NPA exceptionally well placed to provide essential and topical editorial, ensuring inpharmacy is well read and respected.

Key Benefits to you

By advertising* in the magazine and e-newsletters, your message reaches pharmacists, industry professionals and other key decision makers working in the healthcare provision in a cost efficient way.

Quality Seal

The NPA Quality Seal is the gold standard ‘seal of approval’ recognised throughout community pharmacy in the UK and is the highest quality training material.

The NPA Quality Seal is only awarded to the very best training, following a rigorous and objective evaluation procedure.  This provides peace of mind to community pharmacists and their support staff that the training they are receiving is of the highest quality.

The NPA Quality Seal can be awarded to material in a variety of formats including:*

  • Training courses – Face to Face, paper-based or e-learning
  • Published materials – Articles, journals and textbook
  • Events – Workshops, webinars and videos

Key Benefits to you

  • It is recognised as the gold standard ‘seal of approval’ throughout community pharmacy, providing credibility and prestige to your training material
  • Being awarded the NPA Quality Seal is confirmation that your material has met established industry standards
  • The NPA Quality Seal process will add value to your training material through professional evaluation and recommendation of improvements where applicable.


The NPA offers a range of resources designed to help pharmacists day-to-day practice or for specifically occurring events.  Each time a new service or requirement is requested of pharmacies, the NPA produces supporting material to help pharmacists meet these requirements.

Resources can be written for non-regulated training also.  They could provide in-house training for staff, or give pharmacists an opportunity to offer training to other health care staff e.g. care homes.

Key Benefits to you

  • Your opportunity to sponsor an essential resource for the pharmacy and healthcare sector
  • Supported by co-branding and where applicable the NPA Quality Seal
  • Your company may be able to supply specific information or materials to the resource*
  • The resource may contain posters or promotional material that can include your company name


The NPA offers the option to hold live and/or recorded webinars and provides the opportunity to co-brand* your Continued Professional Development (CPD) training material or product launch to community pharmacy.

Key Benefits to you

Since webinars take place over the Internet, there is no need to leave the office or to factor in travel time.  Because of this, organisations are using webinars as a time-efficient, cost-effective method of training and delivering knowledge to busy pharmacists.

*terms & conditions apply