Board of Management

The NPA Board of Management comprises 18 NPA Members, who are elected by the membership on a regional basis across the United Kingdom.

The Board meets ten times a year to direct the overall policy, strategic direction and operation of the Association. The Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Treasurer are elected from within Board for a two-year term of office. Serving as a nominee or representative on Pharmacy Voice Board, PSNC (Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee) and the UK Delegation of the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union (PGEU) are also subject to election from within the Board for a two-year term of office.

Each Board Member is appointed to sit on one of the four Standing Comittees: Finance & Financial Audit; Membership; Policy & Practice and Professional Development.

2014 – 2018

NPA Chairman – Ian Strachan
Vice Chairman – Nitin Sodha
Treasurer – Michael Guerin


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