NHS England launching ‘Pharmacy Advice’ campaign

A new campaign will be launched to encourage the public to use their local pharmacy as their first choice for clinical advice.

The ‘Pharmacy Advice’ campaign is part of NHS England’s overarching brand ‘Help Us Help You’ and will commence on February 4. The initiative will help to build the public’s trust and confidence in community pharmacists and the pharmacy team as providers of care, and ensure minor illnesses such as coughs, colds, tummy troubles and aches and pains are effectively managed in the right place. A printed set of branded resources will be sent to all community pharmacies in England, with delivery being made week commencing 28 January 2019. The pack will include a double-sided window sticker, wobblers, poster, information cards and a dispenser. The outer packaging will be clearly labelled with a green, NHS branded sticker (pictured). The NHS encourages community pharmacies to make the most of these resource by: Prominently displaying the materials in your pharmacy, in the window and alongside relevant over-the-counter products Using the information card to remind your customers to visit your pharmacy next time they need clinical advice about a minor health concern Ensuring all staff members are briefed ahead of the campaign to ensure that they are fully aware and, where appropriate, are ready to offer clinical advice for people with everyday minor health concerns. There are a range of additional free resources available to order or download.…

FAQ: Insulin aspart – dispensing generically written prescriptions

I have a generically written prescription for insulin aspart 100units/ml solution for injection 3ml cartridges, which brand of insulin should I dispense against this?

Fiasp® Penfill and NovoRapid® Penfill® , both manufactured by Novo Nordisk Ltd, are two options for brands of insulin that may be dispensed against a generically written prescription for Insulin aspart solution for injection 100units/ml 3ml cartridges. Pharmacists should be aware that there are key differences between the two insulin products which include addition of nicotinamide, a more rapid onset of action, an increased post-meal glucose lowering effect and a faster initial absorption rate for Fiasp® Penfill compared to NovoRapid® Penfill®. Before dispensing a generically written prescription for insulin aspart, or other insulin products containing 100units/ml or more of insulin (high-strength insulin), pharmacists and their teams should check the Insulin Passport  (or safety card) to identify which specific brand of insulin the patient is using. All adult patients using high-strength, fixed combination or biosimilar insulin products should be issued with a patient booklet and Insulin Passport (or safety card) which carries a record of the patient’s current insulin products and allows a safety check for administration, dispensing and prescribing. Patients who should have an Insulin Passport (or safety card) but have not been provided with one can contact their doctor or diabetes nurse. Insulin Passports are also available to purchase via the NPA Sales team on 01727 800 401.  …
Archived on 1 January 2020 – this content has expired.

Diabetes UK Clinical Champions – applications now open

Diabetes UK is looking for Clinical Champions to lead improvements in diabetes care

Healthcare professionals (including pharmacists) are invited to become a diabetes Clinical Champion, in a programme supported by Diabetes UK and in collaboration with Novo Nordisk. Selected individuals will complete a structured two-year programme, with the aim of leading improvements in diabetes care and services in their local area.   Currently, there are 65 Clinical Champions throughout the UK, who have worked on reducing medication errors and implementing an integrated care service, alongside a number of other achievements. Applicants should demonstrate their potential for leadership, have appropriate clinical expertise, and show a passion in supporting patients with diabetes.   The role is voluntary and the programme will run from June 2018 to May 2020. Applications close at 5pm on Wednesday 28 March 2018. Further information (including the role description and application form) can be found on the Diabetes UK website, or by contacting clinicalchampions@diabetes.org.uk.   For further information on this or any other query, please contact the NPA Pharmacy team on 01727 891 800 or email pharmacyservices@npa.co.uk.   Produced by the NPA Pharmacy team January 2018.  …