Mock exam

The NPA's mock Pre-registration assessment is extensively mapped to the GPhC assessment framework.

The mock assessment is designed to fully prepare students so they can be confident and competent in their exam technique and so increase their chances of passing the GPhC Registration Assessment.

Students have found the mock exam extremely useful. One former student commented that“the mock exam was invaluable preparation for the final exam”.

The mock exam is a one day course at which students:

  • Undertake the first half of part 1 and part 2 of the assessment
  • Are presented with questions, answers, tailored guidance and learning points from experienced Education and Training Pharmacists
  • Experience assessment conditions to best prepare them for the GPhC assessment
  • Can take the mock assessment papers away with them

This is followed by access to:

  • The Learning Management System on which students complete the second half of each assessment. This, allows them to make use of the guided feedback from the previous face-to-face session before attempting the second half of the assessment
  • Post-mock assessment webinar covering common areas of difficulty and exam tips from Education and Training Pharmacists. The webinar allows live audience participation in multiple choice questions which is followed by a live Q&A session

More details coming soon for 2019