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This course provides pharmacy undergraduate students undertaking placements or employment in community pharmacies with essential knowledge and skills in relation to:
• Practice
• University exams
• Pre-registration training
• Obtaining a pre-registration placement (including Oriel)

Who is this course suitable for?

Pharmacy undergraduate students working in pharmacies, whether this is during summer holidays or as a part time/weekend employee.

Course delivery

This modular learning programme is divided into four parts which can either be completed in a single placement or spread over multiple placements, dependent on the individual requirements of the undergraduate student and the pharmacy.

Areas covered within the course include:
• Situational judgement tests
• Multiple mini-interviews
• Pharmaceutical calculations
• Clinical areas commonly answered incorrectly
• Responding to symptoms
• Dispensing
• Law and ethics
• Drug Tariff

Duration of course

Minimum 8 weeks

Qualification delivered

Certification from the NPA.


£125 + VAT

Enrolments onto this course are accepted throughout the year.