L&D – Student satisfaction scores

It is very important for the L&D team to understand how students find our courses. The NPA’s L&D pharmacists review the course evaluation ratings to ensure that the training is consistently meeting student requirements. By considering the comments provided by students, the team is able to develop the training content to improve the learning for students in the future.

The team has analysed course evaluation forms from a sample of over 600 students who completed a range of its training courses in paper and eLearning formats between January – December 2021 to establish that 86% of students were Very satisfied/satisfied with their course.

The following details and graphs provide more insight into how students rated their study:

  • 91% of students found that they received adequate support from the NPA during the duration of their course
  • 95% of students found the course was beneficial to their role upon completion
  • 87% of students agreed that they were likely to use the NPA again for their future training needs

The details for these statistics can be clearly seen in the charts listed below:


If you would like further insight into the student experience across a variety of our training courses please go to our student testimonials page to see what our students had to say.