Markers & assessors

Assessors and markers have an essential role to play at the NPA. Every year, we work collaboratively with many qualified assessor/marker community pharmacy professionals to deliver our qualifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do the assessors do?

Assessors will objectively review a learner’s portfolio for sufficient evidence of competency in the workplace.  The assessor will look at each portfolio and assess it holistically.

The assessor will also give feedback to the learner to build upon the evidence in order to meet the occupational standards of a pharmacy technician.

The assessor will have frequent contact with the learner have professional discussions to cover each unit within the standards.

Who are they?

The NPA markers & assessors  are registered pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who are occupationally competent in community pharmacy. The assessors have undertaken further training to obtain an assessor qualification to allow them to review portfolios against industry accepted standards.  This entitles them to assess our NVQ3 (QCF) Diploma in Pharmacy Service skills qualification portfolios for the required evidence of meeting the required occupational standard.    Where the evidence does not meet the required standard then they will give constructive feedback to the learner and help develop an action plan if required to aid final completion of the unit.

The portfolio will be assessed by the same person who marks your knowledge-based module (markers).  The NVQ centre will attempt to keep each student with the same marker & assessor throughout the duration of the qualification.

What courses do assessors get assigned to?

Assessors only assess the portfolio of evidence of the NVQ3 (QCF) in Pharmacy Services course.  The same assessor may also be a marker for the NPA who can mark the Accredited Dispensary Assistant course as well as the modular knowledge based component of the NVQ3.

What is the difference between a marker and assessor?

A marker marks the knowledge-based modules of both NVQ3 (QCF) in Pharmacy Service and the Accredited Dispensary Assistants Course and an assessor reviews the portfolio of evidence the learner submits for the NVQ units.  This is a dual role for many NVQ/ADAC marker/assessors but the job titles are not interchangeable.

How are the assessors assigned?

An assessor is assigned to the student by the NPA Centre at random before commencing the NPA course.  There is no geographical basis  to this allocation.  We will endeavour to keep the same assessor for the duration of the course and where a change of assessor is unavoidable we will notify you in writing with details.

How do I contact the assessor?

All assessors and markers will give the student the postal address to send material to and there is also an e-portfolio (online submission of documents) option for submission of evidence document.  If there are any changes in the assessor’s details, the NVQ centre will contact you.  In some cases, the assessor may provide their telephone number or email address.  The NVQ centre at the NPA cannot give assessor details to any student apart from the postal address to send their work.

What timescales have the assessors to mark or assess work?

The assessors and markers work under Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with the NPA to endeavour to get your work returned within 5 weeks.

How do I become an assessor or marker for the NPA?

To become a marker you need to be GPhC registered and occupationally competent in community pharmacy.

To become an assessor you need to be a GPhC registered pharmacist or pharmacy technician, occupationally competent in community pharmacy and also hold an assessor qualification (Level 3 Certificate in Assessing Vocational Achievement).

If you have the necessary credentials and are interested in becoming an NPA marker/assessor send over your C.V. to the Professional Development team.


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