The various PGD services are listed below together with the training options and a list of the medicines contained in the PGDs. To view the member and non-member pricing for these packages, click here.

Travel PGD (Travel Health Clinic) packages:

Full Travel package – face-to-face (F2F) training session (3.5 hours) – eTool PGDs only

N.B. The above option includes practical F2F training, online modules and certificate & PGDs.

For details of what is covered in the F2F training section, view the practical training sessions section on this page.

Travel Refresher training – eTool PGDs only

N.B. The above option includes online modules and certificate & PGDs via the eTool.

If you are unsure on the training that you are required to undertake in 2021, please view our flowcharts on our training recommendations page.

List of PGDs:

The table below shows the list of PGDs/medicines contained in the Travel Health Clinic packages:

AVAXIM Dukoral Typheric Nimenrix
Havrix Revaxis TYPHIM Vi Ixiaro
VAQTA Rabipur ViATIM Diamox
ViATIM Rabies Vaccine BP MMRVAXPRO Norethisterone
Ambirix Malarone Priorix Rifaximim
Twinrix Doxycyline TicoVac Melatonin
HBVAXPRO Mefloquine Menveo Stamaril
Engerix B Vivotif


Individual Vaccination PGD services:

 Aside from the Flu vaccination training and PGD packages, you have the choice of 8 individual vaccination PGD services. Some of these are available as paper PGDs, others via the eTool and three are available in both formats. To view the member and non-member pricing for these packages, click here.

Chicken Pox, HPV Vaccine and Shingles – available as paper AND eTool PGDs.

Tuberculosis – available as paper PGD only.

Hepatitis B, Meningitis B, Meningitis ACWY, Pneumococcal – available as eTool PGD only.

Training included:

The paper PGDs are available without the need to undertake training. However, pharmacists are expected to undertake annual vaccination update training each year and would be required to complete a self-declaration before purchase. Please refer to our training recommendations page for more details.

An online training module is available from ECG Training on request.

The eTool PGDs include online training, as well as marketing and support resources within the price.

List of PGDs:

The table below shows the vaccines/medicines contained in the individual Vaccination PGD services:

 PGD Service Vaccination
 Chicken Pox (both PGD formats) Varivax; Varilrix
 Hepatitis B Engerix B; HBVAXPRO
HPV vaccine (both PGD formats) Gardasil; Gardasil 9; Cervarix
Meningitis ACWY Menveo; Nimenrix
Meningitis B Bexsero; Trumenba
Pneumococcal Pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (Pneumococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine), Pneumococcal polysaccharide conjugate vaccine, 13-valent, absorbed (Prevenar®), Pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine (Pneumovax® 23)
Shingles (both PGD formats) Zostavax
Tuberculosis BCG vaccine

From time to time, there are free vaccination PGD services on offer – you will be able to view and select these in on the Checkout screen, as you book and purchase your training and PGD services.

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