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Numed Healthcare is a leading supplier of diagnostic medical devices.  All equipment is supplied with comprehensive installation, product training and ongoing support services.  This ensures that your new device is set up correctly, your staff are fully trained how to use it, and ongoing technical help is available from our highly experienced team when you need it.

We have been a leading supplier of medical equipment for over 20 years and our success is due to the very complete service that we offer. We try to ensure that our customers always get the right solution for their needs by carefully selecting devices that we believe are the most suitable.


Weight Management

Numed Healthcare supply a range of weighing scales and measuring solutions suitable for use by community pharmacies.

Our Seca medical scales make weighing easy for healthcare professionals and are designed to make patients feel secure and comfortable when being weighed. Our top-quality measuring tapes are designed to make measuring quick and easy.


What support is provided?

All scales and height measures are supplied with unlimited remote desktop support from our highly skilled technical team.

Many of our scales are also supplied with a market leading 4-year warranty for added peace of mind.


Cost to members:

We have specially selected a range of Seca scales and measures that we believe are most suitable for community pharmacies. These include:


Seca 875 Class III Digital Flat Scales – £180.46 + VAT

Seca 955 Class III Electronic Chair Scale (has swivel arms for easy access) – £748.10 + VAT

Seca 201 Measuring Tape – £5.70 + VAT

Seca 203 Measuring Tape – £10.00 + VAT

Seca 206 Roller Measuring Tape – £27.85 + VAT

Seca 213 Portable Height Measure with Carry Case – £67.45 + VAT


Our full range of weighing scales and measuring solutions can be found at



Numed Healthcare supply Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor (ABPM) packages that fully satisfy the requirements of the NHS Community Pharmacy Hypertension Case-Finding Advanced Service.


Numed has been a leading ABPM supplier for over 20 years.  Our success is due to the very complete service that we offer.  This includes the highest quality British and Irish Hypertension Society (BIHS) validated ABPMs, in addition to full support services which are vitally important to the success of your hypertension service.

  • Rental and Outright Purchase options
  • ABPM validated by the BIHS achieving the highest A/A grade for accuracy
  • Meets the requirements of NICE Hypertension Guidelines
  • Industry leading 7-year warranty
  • Easy to use. Comfortable for the patient and very quiet when in operation
  • Intuitive PC software included for patient set-up and test interpretation
  • Low-cost, comfortable, and durable cuffs (S, M, L and XL available)
  • Quick and simple infection control procedure in-line with current guidance
  • Compatible with pharmacy IT software and hardware (connects via USB port)
  • Stock available for immediate delivery
  • ‘Clinic Check’ monitors also supplied

Our standard ABPM package includes:

  • ABPM device with software
  • Medium and large cuffs
  • ABPM pouch with belt loop and shoulder strap options
  • Rechargeable batteries and charger unit to minimise running costs
  • Remote installation and training package
  • MediServe support service
  • 7-year warranty

What support is provided?

  • Comprehensive product installation and training
  • Unlimited remote desktop support from a highly skilled technical team*
  • Full maintenance (parts and labour)*
  • Loan equipment whilst yours is in for service or repair*
  • Annual service and calibration to the manufacturer’s specification*

What can you offer our members as added value?

Numed are offering NPA members the most complete ABPM package available at a discounted price, saving £206 + VAT.

Alternatively, the same package can be rented at a discounted price of just £45 + VAT per month.

Cost to members:

Outright Purchase Price – £1099 + VAT – If you would prefer to own the equipment, this is the option for you.

Rental Price – £45 + VAT per month – Numed’s rental option allows pharmacies to offer the new hypertension service to their patients, without the upfront cost of purchasing a new device.  The rental package includes installation and training, and all the benefits of the comprehensive MediServe support service (*listed in the What support is provided? section above) in one low-cost monthly payment.

A Clinic Check blood pressure device is also available for £60 + VAT, or an extra £3.50 + VAT/month when added to an ABPM rental package.


Smoking Cessation

Numed Healthcare supply a range of Carbon Monoxide breath testing monitors, that are suitable for use by community pharmacies.

CO breath test monitoring is a valuable motivational tool for smokers to encourage them to stop smoking.  Research shows that smokers are more likely to make a successful quit attempt if a CO monitor is used as part of their plan.

We supply two CO monitors that meet the requirements of the Advanced Smoking Cessation Service:

CO Check Pro Baby

From a single breath, the patient’s results are displayed instantly in parts per million (PPM) and % carboxyhaemoglobin (%COHb). Clear visual guidance is also provided with coloured red, yellow and green indicators dependent on the concentration of exhaled carbon monoxide, indicating if the person is a non-smoker, light smoker, or heavy smoker.  CO Check Pro Baby will also provide the level of foetal carboxyhaemoglobin (%FCOHb) when testing during pregnancy. There is a clear correlation between the exhaled carbon monoxide on the pregnant mother’s breath and that in the foetal blood supply (%FCOHb).


CO Check Baby +

This is a slightly less expensive device than the ‘Pro’ version.  CO Check Baby + is the same as the CO Check Pro Baby version, but without the coloured light indicators.



Both devices have a 5-year warranty, but this excludes the electrochemical fuel cell which has an expected life of 2 years. This 2-year fuel cell lifespan is typical for all CO monitors on the market that use an electrochemical fuel cell.


Numed CO monitors are factory calibrated prior to delivery. However, to guarantee ongoing accuracy of measurements, all CO breath monitors that use electrochemical fuel cell technology should be calibrated every 6 months.  An automated warning on the monitors will notify the user when calibration is required.  Numed supply 20ppm (parts per million) calibration gas for this purpose.  In addition to this, a control valve will be required which is reusable with future gas cans.


SafeBreath Bacterial/Viral Mouthpieces (box of 200)

The SafeBreath disposable mouthpiece has been independently tested and has a proven bacterial and viral filtration efficiency greater than 99%, ensuring the highest level of cross-infection protection for your patients.  They are supplied in handy dispenser boxes containing 200 single use mouthpieces.


What support is provided?

CO Check monitors include full support for 90 days. After this time, customers can access Numed’s support services via telephone and email.

What can you offer our members as added value?

Numed are offering NPA members a 10% discount off the current list prices of the CO Check Pro Baby and CO Check Baby + monitors.

Are there any helpful resources for our members to use or download?

The following website pages contain a lot of useful information about the CO Check Pro Baby, the CO Check Baby +, SafeBreath disposable bacterial/viral mouthpieces, calibration gas can and control valve:

CO Check Pro Baby

CO Check Baby +

SafeBreath Bacterial/Viral Mouthpieces (box of 200)

12 Litre Calibration Gas Can

Control Valve for 12 Litre Can (reusable)


Cost to members:

  • CO Check Pro Baby =£184.50 + VAT
  • CO Check Baby + =£157.50 + VAT
  • SafeBreath Bacterial/Viral Mouthpieces (box of 200) =£65 + VAT

All above pricing excludes postage.


Numed’s full range of CO Monitors can be found at



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