Local Market Insight service

Local Market Insight: Benchmark yourself against your top ten competitors.


Local Market Insight (LMI) is a service available discounted to NPA members, which lets you see where you can use your “edge”, and where you need to focus improvements.

By purchasing this service through the NPA, you will receive easy to read and clear reports direct to your inbox, allowing you to set and monitor business targets by comparing services and market share with other nearby pharmacies.

PLUS: New for English subscribers from September 2021, you will also receive a Weekly Nominations Report which summarises total and weekly variations across the latest 11 weeks of the data for your Post Code area.

This addition enables you to review changes almost as they are happening, and this is supplied at no extra cost to subscribers*.

*(We are actively seeking further data we can include for Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland subscribers, please watch this space)

NPA members can use LMI to monitor and get ahead of competitionbe more productive and improve performance. Click the relevant video for your country below to find out more.

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