Procuring ABPM devices – NPA selected suppliers


The NPA are working to ensure that members can access validated devices to deliver the Hypertension Case Finding Service. Additional suppliers will be added to this list when available.

NPA has worked with Alliance Healthcare to make available the Microlife WatchBPO3 AFIB AMBULATORY, a 1st generation device at £999+VAT. This device is:


  • Accredited for use in the Hypertension Case-Finding Service
  • Has a five year warranty
  • Can be calibrated by the supplier for approximately £39
  • If any issues discovered during recalibration cannot be corrected it will be replaced FOC if within the warranty period
  • Supplied with Medium cuff only
  • Additional cuffs available from Alliance Healthcare are:


PIP Description Selling Price
8025413 MICROLIFE S CUFF 17-22CM £9.75
4160073 MICROLIFE CUFF L/XL 32-52CM £11.00


To Pre-order this device, complete the order form. Please note that details from this form will be received by Alliance Healthcare and used to fulfil your order.