The NPA is committed to delivering member-centric services and securing community pharmacy’s position as the front door to the NHS. We see community pharmacy as an indispensable component of the urgent care pathway, a uniquely accessible wellbeing hub and a mainstay of support for people with long-term conditions; in short, the front door to health and the first place to come for healthcare, inside and outside the NHS.


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The NPA's full membership package is designed to support and help independent community pharmacies grow their business. Learn more about what services we provide

What the NPA does for its members

Whether it be on the political stage or at the pharmacy practice level, the NPA continues to actively ensure that support is provided to its members in all aspects of Community pharmacy.

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Affiliate Membership

A comprehensive package designed for healthcare organisations with a registered pharmacy and Schools of Pharmacy.

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Access a wealth of information to assist you with your studies and beyond - professional indemnity is included as standard.

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