How we support you

Whether it be on the political stage or at the pharmacy practice level, the NPA continues to actively ensure that support is provided to its members in all aspects of Community pharmacy.

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The NPA's full membership package is designed to support and help independent community pharmacies grow their business.


We fight for a better deal for community pharmacies in all parts of the UK. Our community brings together single pharmacies to independent multiple pharmacies of all sizes, united in support of our vital services for millions of people across the UK.

Everything we do supports you, and our vision of a healthy, sustainable, properly funded pharmacy network doing what we do best; serving the health needs of every community as the front door to the National Health Service.

  • Powerful advocacy that wins access and gets results
  • Strong, in house insurance – specifically tailored to your pharmacy’s needs
  • Expert advice from our pharmacist team – with access to the NHS, Government and innovation to support you and your business
  • Respected training and development, saving you and your team time and money.

NPA Cashback Scheme

A quarterly cashback scheme for members as a reward for using NPA and other solutions

Associated Pharmacist

Individual Associate offerings for Pharmacists

Associated Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technicians - get access to the great NPA toolbox, resources and advice-line

Membership resources and links

Dedicated page to help new members and contractors navigate support services and range of practical resources.

Referral scheme

Simply refer someone to the NPA community and if they become an NPA member, you both split £250.