Mandatory GPhC accredited course for all staff undertaking dispensing activities - also provides a stepping stone for progression onto Pre-registration Pharmacy Technician training.

Provides the qualification to enable experienced pharmacy technicians to carry out the final accuracy check on pre-approved prescriptions.

Learn how to use different forecasting methods to produce an accurate forecast.

Learn the value of utilising a different leadership style for different situations.

Learn the value of understanding the different roles that exist within the team and how they can best work together.

By the end of this module you will understand what resilience is how it can be demonstrated

Learn the key defining factors between assertive and aggressive behaviour and how to act and react accordingly.

The Assess & Learn is a free e-learning module created to help Medicines Counter Assistants assess their knowledge on over-the-counter medicines and common conditions seen in community pharmacy.

Establish how to initiate a conversation by building and maintaining rapport with others.

Learn how to behave during change and how to implement a successful change strategy