This year the theme will be ‘Your local pharmacy in the NHS family’. According to an opinion survey carried out for the NPA in June, only 29% of people are “definitely aware” that community pharmacies are part of the NHS, despite the fact that pharmacies are the most visited of all settings where NHS care is offered.

This year’s Ask Your Pharmacist Week is a chance to further establish in the public’s mind the fact that community pharmacies are a key member of the NHS family. The better it’s understood that community pharmacies are part of the NHS team, the more people will be willing to access NHS services in pharmacies and support the further development of integrated, patient-centred care.

We also want to make greater use of community pharmacists’ skills and opportunities to engage patients.

The key messages of this year’s AYP Week are:

  1. Pharmacies are part of the NHS family
  2. Community pharmacies provide a range of NHS services
  3. Community pharmacists work with other professionals, such as doctors and nurses, to give you the best possible care as part of the local healthcare team


Why take part?

  • Build public understanding of, and support for, the role of community pharmacy in the NHS
  • Increase uptake of the NHS support available in pharmacies
  • Achieve positive publicity for your pharmacy and build your local networks
  • Reduce inappropriate use of GP and hospital services
  • Free of charge campaign materials


Pharmacies and pharmacy stakeholders can access a suite of free of charge campaign materials on this page:


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Your local pharmacy Proud to be part of the NHS family (1)

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