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The following resources and SOPs are available to support pharmacy teams in the provision of a vaccination service:


These FAQ's are updated regularly and cover the period between June and August.


Part 1 of PQS 2020/21 focuses on determining community pharmacy contractors’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic


This checklist and pharmacy team log has been designed to help capture and maintain record of all GPhC COVID-19 related announcements made during this pandemic


An evidence log designed to help capture and collate evidence that the pharmacy premises has adopted good practice measures into daily practice during the COVID-19 pandemic


Log of declaration made by the contractor and all relevant pharmacy members of the pharmacy team


A template that can be used for the COVID-19 pandemic including planning for any potential closures.


The PQS 2020/21 Part 1 requires contractors to meet 14 COVID-19 specific essential criteria in order to claim for payment. One of the criteria pharmacy contractors need to meet is to ensure they have updated the pharmacy SOPs, or have related guidance, where appropriate, to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19.