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The National Pharmacy Association has written to senior managers at NHS England to request an uplift in funding for pharmacy contractors to cover higher staffing costs and a range of other cost-inflating factors.


The NPA is leading the response of the independent sector to proposals from Government and the NHS for 'efficiencies' in community pharmacy.

Leading ideas and evidence

We build the evidence case for independent community pharmacy and lead the sector's thinking.

Political and stakeholder engagement

The NPA works tirelessly to push community pharmacy up the political agenda and ensure the sector gets the recognition and support it deserves.

Workforce Issues

The NPA is working closely with all key stakeholders across the UK on all workforce issues pertaining the whole pharmacy team. Coming Soon

NPA Core Beliefs

If community pharmacy is to move forwards, fulfill its potential across health and wellbeing and thrive professionally and commercially, the sector requires unity of purpose.


The UK left the EU on the 31st January 2020.

Medicines Supply Chain

Empowering you in relation to wholesalers and manufacturers.


The NPA is currently responding to the following consultations

Latest News

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Hub and Spoke Topic

The NPA has been leading the debate on hub and spoke dispensing models since the concept was first proposed by the government in 2015.