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Natural justice demands repayment of Covid costs, says NPA, as annual contract negotiations begin

Pharmacy funding petition leaps to over 90,000 signatures – sign here to support 

NPA ask of government: making the funding case for community pharmacy at a national level with MPs and peers – read more here


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Representing you in Westminster

NPA in the media

The press office often organises NPA spokespeople to be interviewed on national and regional media to talk about the issues which matter most to pharmacists and patients.

NPA Asks of Government

Community pharmacies are in the frontline of the response to Covid-19. Read more about what the NPA is asking of government


Stay up to date about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) with the latest news and resources as well as action plans for your pharmacy and find out our Asks of Government.


The NPA is leading the response of the independent sector to proposals from Government and the NHS for 'efficiencies' in community pharmacy.

Representing you in Whitehall and other national stakeholders


The UK left the EU on the 31st January 2020. The NPA has collated the Government's Brexit guidance to help community pharmacists and their staff prepare.

Workforce policy update

The GPhC council has agreed the overall direction of the review of the standards for initial education and training of pharmacists and the next steps to finalise and implement the standards. Chaired by council members Rose Marie Parr and Arun MIdha, the advisory group highlighted to Council, the areas where further drafting is taking place.

Interim Foundation Pharmacist Programme

This new education and training programme has been established to support the 2019/20 cohort of pre-registration pharmacists whose training and registration was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. It also provides an opportunity to accelerate pharmacist early years’ education and training reform and supports delivery of the NHS People Plan for 2020/21.

NPA Policy positions

Medicines Supply Chain

Empowering you in relation to wholesalers and manufacturers.

NPA core beliefs

If community pharmacy is to move forwards, fulfill its potential across health and wellbeing and thrive professionally and commercially, the sector requires unity of purpose. Read more...