The BTEC course was launched in the summer of 2020 and the first technicians on the new Level 3 Diploma have now qualified. They established good relationships with their NPA assessor as they worked together on the course. Feedback from them and their supervisors is extremely valuable to the L&D team, as it can help us shape and improve on the course content for students in the future.

Below are some of the comments they have provided – these will be added to, as the number of technicians grows, so please refer back to this page again.


“It was hard work and a big commitment to complete the BTEC, but really worthwhile for the personal and professional development. I found the modules very interesting and it was good to apply your learning as you went along.

My confidence has increased greatly.  I had to work at home to complete the course but I received huge support from the team. I would encourage anyone to do the course but you must be willing to commit to it and be prepared to work hard.”

Ruth Parkes, Andersons Pharmacy

“The course was a steep learning curve as I took over the SVP role in the last year. Ruth was very focussed and determined to keep on schedule to get the work completed in allocated time. I found the notes on the modules and feedback provided by the assessor clear and helpful in planning how to get course work completed successfully.”

Deborah Patterson, Supervisor to Ruth, Andersons Pharmacy

“Completing the BTEC diploma and qualifying as a pharmacy technician is a massive achievement for me through several years of working in a pharmacy. I feel my confidence has grown and I am excited to conduct new roles such as accuracy checking, and maybe getting involved in several services that my pharmacy offers.

The course itself was very thorough and I feel as though I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills that will contribute to me being effective in my new role. I enjoyed gathering evidence for part of the course as this was something that I did on a day-day basis working in a pharmacy.

The support I received from the NPA, especially my assessor, was excellent. I had regular reviews with my assessor when we discussed my progress and any concerns I had, plus my next steps as I progressed through the course. She provided me with detailed feedback on each assignment including what I had done well and if I needed to add anything to ensure it met all criteria.”

Bethany Keen, Bradshaw Street Pharmacy

Bethany will be a big help to our team. As soon as she is registered with GPhC she will start to accuracy check prescriptions.  Moving forward she is likely to get more involved in the services we provide, such as the Discharge Medicines Service and the Hypertension Case-Finding Service.

We have had many challenges from Covid – it has often been hard to just find time for the course when we have been under immense pressure at work.  Our assessor has always been understanding of these problems and we have appreciated her assistance throughout the course.

The course content and learning materials are very good. It is a very big commitment to undertake on top of a busy full time job.”

Christine Littler, Supervisor to Bethany, Bradshaw Street Pharmacy

“My assessor has been really helpful. It is easy to get hold of them and they respond to any queries quickly. So far I have found all the materials straightforward to use. The textbooks are clear and have useful diagrams. I did find the online assessment tool quite difficult to navigate initially, but it is now OK. I enjoyed learning about health and safety in the workplace and being able to apply the things I learned to my own pharmacy. I have found that my knowledge is developing as I start to apply my learnings to my work. I am also feeling more confident in my own knowledge.

Charlotte Bowsher – Morrisons Pharmacy

“The support I have received from my assessor has been excellent. When I have questions or queries, my assessor is very helpful and points me in the right direction to find the answers. I find the layout and structure of the course books very clear and conducive to my learning. I’m really enjoying Book E which is very interesting and in-depth. The content is already helping me with the practical aspects of my role. It is definitely increasing my clinical knowledge. My team realise how they can help me and also where I’m able to assist them by taking on additional responsibility or tasks, which is very important as we’re so busy.”

Fiona McSeveney – Crawford’s Pharmacy

We presented the initial qualifiers with their certificates – read the full InPharmacy article here.

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