BTEC Master forms and Guidance videos

We are pleased to announce a series of bite-sized instructional videos, master forms and additional resources for students on the NPA’s new BTEC Level 3 Diploma – Principles and practices for pharmacy technicians. Access the videos or download your copy of the other resources via the links below.

BTEC – Course timetable

BTEC – YouTube resources for Book G

BTEC – Example assignment brief

Guidance videos

The BTEC course can seem complicated when first starting out. The NPA is therefore providing short guidance videos to support students that will be available to view 24/7. Combined with our assessor led support the videos will strengthen the resources our learners can access whilst becoming a reference point for common questions.

Guidance Video Title Status
Getting started on VQ manager Access now
Home functions on VQ manager Access now
My portfolio functions on VQ manager Access now
Uploading certificates Access now
How to upload assignments/evidence Access now
How to forward evidence as the supervisor Access now
Resubmissions Access now
Skills part 1 Access now
Skills part 2 Access now
How to upload your progress review Access now
Supervisor vs witness process for forwarding evidence Access now