Learn about cancer with RSPH accredited training from the Let’s Communicate Team covering the whole cancer pathway in 4 bite-sized learning modules

Learning and campaign materials to help you to play your part in prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of cancer

A patient journey

Jackie Lewis (the creator of Let’s Communicate Cancer) gives insight into the emotional side of her own cancer journey

Are you ready to support your patients with cancer?

This hub will enable to you access free bite sized learning and fingertip information to help you help your patients with early diagnosis of cancer and during cancer treatment. It is designed for all members of the pharmacy team. You can use it to prepare for conversations with customers in the pharmacy and you can use it to quickly access information when speaking to patients on cancer treatment. This hub has been designed by the Let’s Communicate Cancer team to compliment the e-learning package and encourage you to Play Your Part in early cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Financial support was provided as an independent medical and educational grant from Pfizer.

Training Module 1 - Early diagnosis and prevention

A series of short videos, an animation on lifestyle choices, a PDF of skin issues and a myth busting quiz

Training Module 2 - What is Cancer?

A series of videos from expert Elaine Vickers which takes you on a journey to understand cancer

Training Module 3 - Treatment of cancer

A second series of videos from Elaine Vickers teaching you about the cancer treatments and how they work

Training Module 4 - Supporting your patients with cancer

Comprehensive fingertip information for you to support your patients in the pharmacy on aspects of the cancer journey, including palliative care

Further your knowledge

Learn and develop your cancer care skills with a series of external resources

Drug interaction tools

Quickly determine whether a drug can interact with cancer treatments

Patient support for the different types of cancer

Signpost your patients requiring reliable information on cancer, in general and the specific types of cancer

Cancer organisations

Information from important cancer organisations to help your cancer care


Instantly downloadable factsheets which have been specifically developed for community pharmacy teams and other patient facing healthcare professionals


Further support from the NPA on cancer