NPA Asks of Government

Community pharmacies are in the frontline of the response to Covid-19.

We are asking government for, amongst other things;

·         Contingency funding for pharmacies that are forced to close temporarily

·         Emergency funding to ease cashflow problems in pharmacies

·         Proper recognition of the huge effort that is underway in community pharmacy to maintain medicine supply and be the front door to the NHS at a time of great challenge and when so many other services are being put on hold

We are currently working with other pharmacy bodies to coordinate all the detailed requests we have for government at this time.

We are also launching a letter asking that we’re asking you to send to your local MP in England. As pharmacies are frontline NHS providers of care, it is vital that they are supported and protected during this pandemic, to maintain vital services including the safe supply of medicines. Emailing this letter to your lMP can help to support local pharmacies by highlighting to the Government the urgent need to provide pharmacies with financial assistance, adequate supplies of personal protective equipment for staff. Find out who your local MP is and how to contact them by visiting this government website

If you want to get your own story out there (for example via local newspapers or local radio/TV), we can help: email