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Use our online information database IRIS.


New NPA resources, including statement of readiness for a no-deal Brexit, posters and template letters, to help you and your team deal with Brexit contingencies and medicine shortages.


Patient safety templates to record monthly and annual adverse incidents to promote sharing and learning at premises level


Sepsis: how pharmacies can support patients in identifying the key warnings


The NPA has produced a new resource to supports its members in Northern Ireland.


The NPA has produced a new resource to supports its members in Scotland.


The NPA is providing regular updates to pharmacy teams facing widespread availability issues on many brands of adrenaline auto-injectors


After 1 April 2019, Schedule 3 CD requirements will apply for gabapentin and pregabalin.


If you wish to display a poster in your pharmacy informing patients that you operate a zero abuse policy, an A3, A4 or A5 poster is available for you to download.


The NPA welcomes the Health and Social Care Board (HSCB) announcement that the Community Pharmacy Living Well Service will be available through participating pharmacies from April 2019.


DMIRS aims to reduce the burden on emergency/urgent care services and improves the integration of community pharmacy into local NHS urgent care pathways.