Eye Referral Form for Pharmacy First updated

26th October 2021


Minor eye conditions are often presented in pharmacies with many being able to improve with the patient receiving appropriate advice, or advice and treatment from the pharmacy team. Occasionally the condition requires further investigation by an optometrist, or if serious may indicate urgent access to emergency care.  In instances where non-emergency referral to an optometrist is required, the referral form in PCA(P)(2021)17 should now be used by the pharmacist. The form may also be provided in pharmacy by patients who have received the referral to pharmacy from their optometrist. The circular also provides information on the Pharmacy First service, and supports close working relationships between the pharmacy team and local optometrists

Further reading:

Read the circular at www.sehd.scot.nhs.uk/pca/PCA2021(O)11.pdf


Please contact the Pharmacy Services team for further advice and support: